Being a senior in China

In my first China travel, several years ago, I went to Southern China, near Guangzhou. I didn’t imagine that I would meet that many elderly people hanging out in the streets. Since I’ve never been to Northern China, I thought that it was something typical from the South, since weather is quite warm and because […]

The Republic of Singing People

I know that maybe you won’t have the chance to be really interested in Chinese songs on your China tour, but I’m sure that you have already heard some songs even if you didn’t pay attention to it. People who have never travelled to China may think that Chinese songs are like Japanese or Korean […]

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Banks of China

Wherever you will go, you will always need to find a bank or an ATM machine, especially while travelling to China. Exploring a foreign country with another currency is always complicated, better be well advised before taking your flight to China. First of all, to avoid being fooled with counterfeit bank notes don’t change your […]

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Planning your trip to China

This article especially targets people who has never been to China. As a European girl, I realized that travelling to China needs specific preparation and most of all… time. For some of you all the tips I will give would seem quite logical to you, however I know that before leaving we always have the […]

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Chinese mythology: How Heaven and Earth were created.

China travel’s guide books can’t provide you all the information you need about Chinese culture, beliefs, history and myths. But fully understanding its inhabitants needs going further on the culture. Western people have their own version of how the Earth was created according to the Bible, but did you know that even Chinese people are not religious […]

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4000 years in 600 words – Chinese history essentials

On July 25, 2011, in What's Our Specialist Say?, by Jack Li

China is not only the country of stunning landscapes, but most importantly of extensive culture and fascinating history. Even a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to explore both in detail! Before you come to China with China Tours and China Flights, get to know the basics of Chinese civilisation and read through some essential facts from Chinese history. […]

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Safe in The City…

On July 11, 2011, in Tips & Ideas, What's Our Specialist Say?, by Jack Li

It is enough of a challenge to remain safe in your own city, how about staying safe on your Travel to Beijing or on your Beijing Tour? You will be in a completely new city where you may not be able to speak the language? Tip 1) USE YOUR COMMON SENSE: Do not do anythingyou […]


The Forbidden City

On my trip to Beijing, I visited the best and largest ancient imperial palace in the world. Beijing Tours include a trip to the Forbidden City, imperial palace located in the center of Beijing.  For five hundred years, emperors and their family members have lived in this palace. It has provided a place called home […]

Delicious food in Zhouzhuang

On April 19, 2011, in Restaurants & Food, Shopping, What's Our Specialist Say?, by Jack Li

  When we’re choosing a place for traveling , its sightseeings ,history and  culture always being accounted, usually, its local food palys an important role . As all we have knowned, Guangzhou tour is famous for its various kinds of distinctive food. ,zhouzhuang is famous for its traditional culture , but  the food in zhouzhuang […]

Leading Tour Operations in the World:II

On December 2, 2010, in Tips & Ideas, Travel Info, What's Our Specialist Say?, by Jack Li

No.2 Protravel Protravel is a very famous and professional tour operation in America. They offer corporate travel and leisure travel simultaneously. Corporate Travel Protravel prides itself in its efforts to be a leader among travel management companies. We recognize that travel costs constitute the third largest controllable expense for most corporations and we aim to […]

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