Bang Bang Your Head and Eat Some Pizza

On June 14, 2012, in Beijing, Restaurants, Restaurants & Food, by Jack Li

Before I decided to come to Beijing I thought I might want to travel to Shanghai, But I am glad I chose to work in Beijing because I have never had this much fun in my life. Beijing takes you on a rollercoaster of adventure every day you go out and you always get back […]

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A Traveler’s guide to the Beijing Subway

On June 13, 2012, in Beijing, Getting Around, Travel Info, by Jack Li

When I made my plans to travel to Beijing I was delighted to hear about the subway system.  Having rode subways from the Boston T to England’s Underground I thought my transition to the Beijing subway would be seemless.  Boy was I wrong.  Learn from my mistakes, and your China Travel will be much easier […]

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The Best of the West in the East

On June 12, 2012, in Beijing, Cool Places, Cultural Experience, Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

When I told my friends and family about my plans to Travel to Beijing, the first question I was asked was always how I was going to deal with being in a new city on the other side of the world with no concrete plans outside of my Beijing Flights.  I usually responded with one […]

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Beijing Swag

On June 12, 2012, in Beijing, China Travel Gossip, Shopping, Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

Being from the central United States, my original perception of fashion of Beijing was nonexistent, but if you ever decide to travel to Beijing, some basic understanding of what people like to wear here might be helpful! After stepping off of my China flight in my yoga pants and oversized t-shirt, the difference between what […]

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The delights of Peking Duck

On May 29, 2012, in Beijing, China Travel Gossip, Restaurants, Restaurants & Food, by Jack Li

Duck is without doubt one of my favourite meats, and for this reason it only feels right to attribute an article to a classic Chinese dish, namely Peking Duck. Tke a China travel trip, and you will find duck restaurants nationwide so this dish is definitely a must-try on all China tours. This popular dish […]

Discovering China by Railway

On May 25, 2012, in Tips & Ideas, Transportation, Travel Info, by Jack Li

Travelling by train in China is often a convenient and fast way to get around on your China Tours and usually train tickets are a lot cheaper than airfare. Not all routes are super quick but if you travel overnight and you can get some rest on the way you don’t really lose time and […]

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Sichuan Style

On May 25, 2012, in Ethnic Group Flavors, Restaurants & Food, Sichuan, by Jack Li

If you haven’t tasted the exotic flavors of Sichuan cuisine, then I insist this is a must for any China travel. The irony is that the mouthwatering dishes can be delightful to taste but the spicy can also be torturous on the tongue. The unique blend of ginger, peanuts and sesame paste give a sweet […]

Peking Uni

Prior to this piece, I wrote an article with the name ‘A Confucian Education’ which mentioned Beijing’s ancient Imperial Academy. Shifting away from this, the city is home to the country’s top universities which are renowned for their academic excellence. This is none more true than that of China’s first modern national university; namely, Peking […]

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Beware of the Wild Insects

On May 22, 2012, in Museums, Places of Interest, Shanghai, Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

If you travel to Shanghai with kids you certainly don’t want to miss the most popular places the city has to offer like the Bund or Yu Gardens. But on the other hand kids might get bored of too much sightseeing after a while. For a little break in between the Wild Insect Kingdom is […]

How much do you know about Pandas?

On May 11, 2012, in Must-sees, Sichuan, Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

Many people want to see one of the cute looking white and black panda bears on their China travel experience. But what makes them so special? Sure, with the distinctive color of their fur with the black spots around the eyes, the black ears and nose they are very friendly looking and the way they […]

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