Curiosities about china.

On July 24, 2012, in Adventure Trip, China Travel Gossip, Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

During your Travel to China you will see lots of things that will surprise you and some other things that maybe you have not realized but can be very useful if you want to blend in the Chinese world. Sometimes you are rude without realizing it so make sure you know a bit of the […]


Chinese mythology: How Heaven and Earth were created.

China travel’s guide books can’t provide you all the information you need about Chinese culture, beliefs, history and myths. But fully understanding its inhabitants needs going further on the culture. Western people have their own version of how the Earth was created according to the Bible, but did you know that even Chinese people are not religious […]

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Souvenirs, souvenirs…

On July 19, 2012, in China Travel Gossip, Shopping, Tips & Ideas, Travel Info, by Jack Li

You can travel anywhere in the world, there will be always something that you must do; buying some souvenirs for relatives, friends and of course for yourself too. Your China tours will offer you a large selection of souvenirs, if something strikes your eyes you will buy it, or on the contrary maybe you won’t […]

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Spending summertime in terraces

On July 18, 2012, in Beijing, Nightlife, Restaurants, Restaurants & Food, by Jack Li

When I travel to Beijing in summertime, I like to spend my days outside and relax in some terraces of this city sheltered from the beating sun. Even if all restaurants have air conditioner, and make you feel comfortable inside, nothing compares to a good time in a terrace (sometimes they are equipped with big […]

The Great Wall.

On July 18, 2012, in Adventure Trip, China Attractions, Great Wall, Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

During your travel to China you can do lots of thing, depending on where you are and what are your interests, but there is one thing that you cannot avoid. The greatest construction of all time, the only thing human made that can be seen from the moon: The Great Wall. It’s not that you […]

Chinese astrology

On July 17, 2012, in China Travel Gossip, Cultural Experience, Tips & Ideas, Travel Info, by Jack Li

Understanding Chinese culture and way of thinking is a plus to enjoy your China travel; their history, beliefs, values and ideas are so different from the West, and some points are quite hard to imagine. Indeed, dealing with beliefs, as you know Chinese people have their own astrology, not based on months like us, but […]

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Peking duck

On July 13, 2012, in Beijing, Restaurants & Food, by Jack Li

If you are traveling to Beijing there is some things that you cannot miss, one of them is the famous Peking duck, the typical dish of the city of Beijing with its peculiar way to eat it, so be sure to make a stop in your Beijing tour to enjoy this delicious dish! This dish […]

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Where is my umbrella ?

On July 12, 2012, in Beijing, China Travel Gossip, Tips & Ideas, Travel Info, by Jack Li

Summer time has come, the sun is shinning, and the weather is hot in Beijing ! If you travel to China you could notice one major thing walking in the street when it’s sunny : Chinese women don’t like the sun ! Walking out from your China hotel, you’ll see Chinese women holding a common […]

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Let’s go for a ride !

On July 11, 2012, in Beijing, Getting Around, Tips & Ideas, Travel Info, by Jack Li

Getting around the Chinese capital city is not that convenient since it is continuously growing. I think that taking subway is the fastest and the best value for your travel to Beijing, even if you have to line up to access to the platform (and line up again to get in the train) at peak […]

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Hong Kong, A Very ‘Special’ Place

On July 11, 2012, in Hong Kong, More Cities, Must-sees, Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

Hong Kong became a Special Administrative Region of China in 1997. Due to its unique history, Hong Kong’s population of almost 7 million people is a melting pot of many different cultures and personalities, from Chinese to Canadian to Portuguese to Vietnamese (although Cantonese Chinese and English are the official languages). Although now part of […]

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