The four Great Classical Novels.

On August 9, 2012, in Cultural Experience, Ethnic Group Flavors, Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

If you want to know more about China before your trip to China the best (And most enjoyable) way to do it is reading some books. But if you really want to have a deep plunge in the Chinese culture the best challenge is to read all the Four Great Classical Novels before your China […]

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Being a senior in China

In my first China travel, several years ago, I went to Southern China, near Guangzhou. I didn’t imagine that I would meet that many elderly people hanging out in the streets. Since I’ve never been to Northern China, I thought that it was something typical from the South, since weather is quite warm and because […]

The Republic of Singing People

I know that maybe you won’t have the chance to be really interested in Chinese songs on your China tour, but I’m sure that you have already heard some songs even if you didn’t pay attention to it. People who have never travelled to China may think that Chinese songs are like Japanese or Korean […]

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Banks of China

Wherever you will go, you will always need to find a bank or an ATM machine, especially while travelling to China. Exploring a foreign country with another currency is always complicated, better be well advised before taking your flight to China. First of all, to avoid being fooled with counterfeit bank notes don’t change your […]

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As you know a Trip to China (or at any part of the world) is not completed without at least a little bit of shopping and if you Travel to Beijing the best place you can go if you want to avoid the bargaining of the Silk Market and you wish for a place where […]

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Dumpling recipe

On August 2, 2012, in Restaurants & Food, Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

One of the most important things in the Chinese culture is the food. It would be a sin to travel to China and not try the gastronomy so during your Chinese tour make sure that you try all the foot that you can, you never know, maybe you’ll discover your favorite food! Meanwhile why don’t […]

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Shopping at China’s Silicon Valley

The best place to buy some electronic devices in Beijing is Zhong Guan Cun. This place is located in Haidian Disctrict between the 3rd and the 4th ring road. Zhong Guan Cun is a technology hub in this dicstrict, it is very famous all around China and it is also called the China’s Silicon Valley. […]

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The Best Western Eats in Beijing

On July 27, 2012, in Beijing, Restaurants, Restaurants & Food, by Jack Li

After having my share of delicious Chinese dishes with noodles, dumplings, and plenty of rice, a Western girl like me was starting to crave some familiar foods during my travel in Beijing. Fortunately, there are a number of wonderful restaurants in this city that offer all types of cuisine from Belgian, to Italian, to a […]

Planning your trip to China

This article especially targets people who has never been to China. As a European girl, I realized that travelling to China needs specific preparation and most of all… time. For some of you all the tips I will give would seem quite logical to you, however I know that before leaving we always have the […]

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Falling in love with Pandas

On July 25, 2012, in China Travel Gossip, Getting Around, Sichuan, Travel Info, by Jack Li

I’m sure that if you wanted to travel to China or if you want to a part of the reason is because you want to see real pandas! Everyone knows that China’s most popular animal is the giant panda bear. Dragons are their favorite animal from the mythology but pandas are the Chinese national’s emblem. […]

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