Purple Mountain

On November 17, 2010, in Accomodation, Adventure Trip, Cultural Experience, Tours, by Jack Li

Purple Mountain is not the easiest of places to get to however, there is an hourly bus service from Nanjing train station. I would suggest maybe taking an organised tour, one website that I can really recommend which has great travel Idea’s is China Tours. Purple Mountain overlooks the city Zijin Shan, it gets its […]

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China Business Travel Information

On November 17, 2010, in Accomodation, Cultural Experience, Restaurants & Food, Transportation, by Jack Li

Doing business in the metropolis of China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen can be really expensive.However, if you visit our websites China Hotels and China Flights for tips, you will find the best options. Urban Communications Nowadays the transport links in most big cities in China are good. If you are travelling on business in these cities, I suggest using the subway instead of taking a taxi, since the traffic jams here will make your trip very expensive. All signs and buttons in the subway are bilingual, so you do not have to worry about the language barrier. Fast Food or Cheap Snacks Mcdonalds, KFC, Yoshinoya, Kung fu restaurant, Big Pizza, and Yonghe Soybean Milk are very common fastfood restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities in China. If you are looking for something clean, convenient and most importantly very cheap, these are all good options. And remember to practice using chopsticks before you come to China. Living in luxury hotels like The Westin or The Hilton Hotel can be very extravagant. So why not stay in express inns instead. These hotels are very common in today’s China, such as HOME INN, HANTING INNS, and JINGJIANG INN. Normally, you can have a comfortable, standard room for USD50. Domestic Airlines China domestic airline companies often promote cheap, discounted tickets. Sometimes the discount may be as high as 90% off, which means it will only cost you 20-30 dollars to travel from one big city to another. Go to China Airline’s website for more information. Good luck!

Purple Haze

On November 16, 2010, in Accomodation, Beijing, Cultural Experience, Restaurants & Food, by Jack Li

While exploring Beijing around the Salitun area, I stumbled across a wonderful little Thai restaurant that serves authentic Thai food every day of the week. It is located in the Salitun area, the nearest subway stop being Dongzhmen which is on line two there are also many buses that go pass this street, If you […]

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Find Your Hotels in Beijing

On November 15, 2010, in Accomodation, Beijing, Tours, Transportation, Travel Info, by Jack Li

If you want to Travel to Beijing, china, one of the most important thing is to find a hotel there. But how will you find the hotel which fits all your requirements? Asking a travel department for help is the best choice perhaps. For example, the china travel department offers a large range of hotel […]

The Cheap Flights to China

On November 15, 2010, in Accomodation, Cultural Experience, Tips & Ideas, Tours, Transportation, Travel Info, by Jack Li

If you are planning to have your china travel, one of the most important thing is to book the air tickets. However, tickets are usually quite expensive, especially the international ones. So what should we do to get the cheaper ones? Here I have some tips for getting the cheap tickets for China Flights. 1. […]

Good Deals on China Hotels

On November 11, 2010, in Accomodation, Adventure Trip, Beijing, Cool Places, Shanghai, Travel Info, by Jack Li

Do you want to know some good deals on China Hotels in the main cities? In this blog, I will give you a short list of discounted hotels in China,including Beijing and Shanghai Hotels. All the hotels below offer budget accommodation with good discounts and thorough service. 1.Beijing Hotels No.1 GreenTree Inn(Bird nest branch)                                 From […]

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Airline Ticket to Beijing

Beijing Tours are now more and more popular among foreign travelers. Before you begin your travels to Beijing, there are several tips you need to consider, such as the air tickets, the hotels, the travel routes, and the more. In the following article, I will share some tips about Travel to Beijing. How to buy […]

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Well-known Economic Hotel Brands in China Low Fare Travel

On November 9, 2010, in Accomodation, Tips & Ideas, Travel Info, Xi'an, by Jack Li

Once you have decided on your destination, the next step is to research and book a hotel. For example, if you want to travel to Xi’an you can use search words like “Xi’an Hotels”. Some online booking websites offer different types of accommodation such as Youth Hostels, Inns, Budget Hotels, and Luxury Hotels and so […]

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Information on hotels in China

On November 9, 2010, in Accomodation, Beijing, Tips & Ideas, Travel Info, by Jack Li

Finding a hotel in China is not the easiest job in the world and you could be spending hours ploughing through all the different hotels that all of China Hotels has to offer.  Finding a hotel when planning your China travel can almost feel like a military mission. Here’s a few tips & Ideas on […]

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Your International Travel Guide To Shanghai

Travelling to Shanghai, the “Oriental Paris”, may not seem easy for most foreigners. You may get stuck in a traffic jam, waste money on disappointing food or get totally lost in a crowded tourist spot. Your vacation could easily be spoilt by a small incident and become a nightmare. However, if you turn to our international travel guide for help on Shanghai Tours, your china travel will be sure to run smoothly. 1.Alley  Restaurants Do you want to taste the real Shanghai food? Then forget the Chenghuang Temple or the Peace Hotel. Come join us and try these folk restaurants hidden away in the alleys of Shanghai: No.1  丁特勒(Ding Tele) Address: No.22,Lane494 Huaihai Zhong Road Signature Dishes:  Braised Yellow Croaker with Winter Vegetables Price: RMB22/person No.2  北万新包子铺(Bei Wanxin Baozi House) Address: Lane462 Huaihai Zhong Road,Lu Wan District Signature Dishes:  Regular Pork Bun, steamed bread stuffed with crab    meat Price: RMB10-RMB89/person No.3  茂隆餐厅(Mao Long Restaurant) Address: No.134,Jinxian Road,Lu Wan District Signature Dishes:  red-cooked pork, stir-fried shrimps Price: RMB66/person No.4  光明屯(Guang Mingtun) Address: No.588,Huaihai Zhong Road,Lu Wan District Signature Dishes:  pan-fried dumplings filled with crab meat, fresh pork moon-cake 2.  Welcome to YHA China(Youth Hostels Association) Do you think people who are robed in their suits and live in luxury apartments can discover the authentic culture of Shanghai? Definitely no! The best and quickest way to integrate into a new culture is living with local people.Youth hostel will offer you this great opportunity to make friends in Shanghai,especially when you share rooms with those humble folks.Chat,drink,play the guitar,all things can become precious memories when you go home. Hostel Recommendation: No.1 Blue Mountain Youth Hostel(Waitan branch) Address:350 Shanxi South Road, 6th Floor, Building Materials Tel:86-21-33661561   E-mail: bund@bmhostel.com No.2 Captain Hostel Address:A 7, East Yan’an Road/ No. 37 Fuzhou Road Tel:021-33310000/021-63235053  E-mail:captainhostel@163.com 3.  Pleasant Transport in Shanghai Taking buses or subway would be a wonderful choice,but make sure you are not on the rush-hour.The ticket-price of Shanghai subway ranges from 3 yuan to 6 yuan.The initiate rate of Shanghai taxi is RMB11/km and then you will be charged  RMB2.1/km. Besides,you can experience ferries,high-speed railway,or even maglev. 4.  Ramble in the most exotic streets Hengshan Road–a quiet place in downtown,famous for its dense platanus Huashan  Road–a mysterious lane with  numerous romantic tales Changchun Road–a time honored spot known for its Judean architectural complex Huaihai Road–a landscape for dreamers and the home of social butterflies in old Shanghai Changle Road–a meeting place of fashion and Modern art We also have some other special tour recommendations: Xu Jiahui  Catholic Church Xin Tiandi Pub Street Follow our tips, then you will have the most authentic ,unique in-depth Travel to Shanghai which are rarely known to other “Laowai”.Now you are a Shanghai expert! Enjoy everyday in this amazing city,good luck!

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