Visit Viet Nam, Eat PHO

On November 10, 2010, in Cultural Experience, Restaurants & Food, Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

Visit Viet Nam is a very good choice after your China Tours, since almost every China mainland airlines. You can book your international air tickets and your China Flights at the same time. Vietnam is an agricultural civilization based on wet rice cultivation with ancient Dong Son culture as one of its defining aspects. The […]

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China Tour: Zha Jiang Mian

On November 9, 2010, in Cultural Experience, Restaurants & Food, by Jack Li

When you just come to Travel to Beijing in your China Tours, Beijing food is a must-eat one for your entire trip. Cheap, Delicious and full of Nutrition are the main characters for Beijing Cuisine Zha jiang mian is anorthern Chinese dish consisting of thick wheat noodles topped with a mixture of ground pork stir-fried […]


Street vendor

On November 8, 2010, in Cultural Experience, Restaurants & Food, Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

When visiting China I never thought that my favourite food would be a little street cart at the side of the road, but let me tell you this for free, its delicious and cheap and im a bit addicted! There are many different varieties of street Vendor, where you can get lots of different types […]

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Eat West in Beijing

On November 5, 2010, in Beijing, Cool Places, Restaurants & Food, Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

When it comes to eating food in Beijing, you will be faced with two options – going left or right down the street. Most of the time you have to explore Beijing’s streets to find something that might look tasty. It’s a risk but most of the time, it’s a risk worth taking. I would […]

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Hot Culture in China Southern Area—for Traveling Food Information

On November 3, 2010, in Cultural Experience, Restaurants & Food, Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

As we all know, there are 3 provinces where locals love hot food very much in China. They are Hunan, Sichuan and Guizhou. All of them are located in China southern area. Probably you have only Travel to Shanghai or Guangzhou; I suggest you visit these 3 provinces for other kinds of culinary journey in […]

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The Depths of the Great Wall of China

The Depths of The Great Wall of China The Great Wall of China is roughly an hour journey away from Beijing. In a group of five, we set off to the Bus Station by taxi from our China Hotels using China Travel. From there we boarded the bus to ‘Mutianyu’ which is a small village […]

Ten Travel Strategies in Tibet

On November 2, 2010, in Adventure Trip, Cool Places, Must-sees, Restaurants & Food, Tibet, Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

With countless mysterious tales come down from the ages, Tibet is a place with snowcapped mountains, clear waters, green grass, splendid palatial halls and colorful sutra streamers. But if you know more about it, you can explore this mysterious place more easily when you Travel to Tibet. Here are the ten travel strategies for travelers […]

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Distinctive Hotpot Restaurants in Beijing

On October 29, 2010, in Beijing, Restaurants, Restaurants & Food, by Jack Li

Hot pot is beloved by many people in winter as it is not only tasty but also brings warm to them. Besides, Chinese people feel happy to sit with their relatives or friends and enjoy a hot pot together. If you want to learn about Chinese food culture, hotpot restaurants are a good choice. Today, […]

Hot Pot in China, Make You Feel Warm Inside Out

On October 12, 2010, in Beijing, Cultural Experience, Featured China Stories, Restaurants & Food, by Jack Li

It is winter time, and getting colder a little bit when September passed in China. When you are coming to Beijing or Shanghai for your China Tours at this time, you will incredibly attract by all kinds of Chinese Cuisines which are prefer to eat in winter season. Hot Pot is a must-eat cuisine when […]

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Tasting Beijing in Its Teahouses and Cafes

On October 11, 2010, in Beijing, Restaurants & Food, by Jack Li

There are many unique drinking places in Beijing, especially teahouses and cafes. Some of them are in an old fashion, while others bear modern flavor. They are good places not only for rest but also for deepening your understanding of Beijing. So, travelers who are interested in Beijing and the traditional Chinese culture may as […]

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