Qinling National Botanical Garden

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Qinling National Botanical Garden is the largest botanical garden which is 4 times bigger than the Australia Botanical Garden and it has the most complete function in the world. The Botanical Garden is 3000 metres high. Plains, hills and mountains form a complete ecological system in the garden. There are 13 rivers and natural landscapes […]

Qinling Mountains (Qinling)

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The Qinling Mountains, ( simplified Chinese: 秦岭; traditional Chinese: 秦嶺) are immense mountain ranges from the west to the east in central China.  To the west of the Qinling Mountains is the Baishi Mountain in the north of Lintan County,  in the Gansu province. In the west, Yishan Mount is the boundary between the Qinling […]

Xi’an-A City of History

On August 23, 2011, in Xi'an, by Jack Li

After seeing Beijing and Shanghai, what else are on your list of China Tours? If you really want to experience ancient China, Travel to Xi’an could be a good choice for you. Xi’an is a rather old city. It has a history of more than 3,100 years. Xi’an is the capital of the Shaanxi province, […]


The Lishan Mountain Travel Tips

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The Lishan Mountain is located in the Litong District of Xi An. The Terracotta Warriors Museum is located to its east, and the Huanqing Pond is to its north. You can visit the three famous scenic spots together since they are very close to each other. Best season to visit the Lishan Mountain It is […]

Sanyuan Caves

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Sanyuan Caves are on the north of Huaqing Pond and leads to the Hall of Lao Zi. It is the first scenic spot that you see if you climb the Lishan Mountain from the West Gate. In the secluded caves you can find the statues of the Sanyuan—Jade Emperor, Earth God and Da Yu (who […]

Mingsheng Palace

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Mingsheng Palace was built in 1992 by the famous patriotic Taiwan Taoist Yan Wuxiong together with his fellow colleagues in return for the blessing of God Yingdeng. Situated on the southern side of Laomu Hall in Xixiu Ridge of Lishan Mountain, Mingsheng Palace occupies more than four hectares, containing over 300 halls and rooms including […]

The Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor

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The Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor is hidden under the Lishan Mountain. It is the biggest underground grave in the world. The total area of the mausoleum is 56.25 hectares. The first Qin Emperor hoped that he could still enjoy a luxurious life after he passed away, so he built a splendid mausoleum that […]

The Lishan Mountain

The Lishan Mountain is a tourist attraction of both natural scenery and cultural relics. It is situated in the Litong district of Xi An, close to the world renowned Terracotta Warriors Museum. The peak of the mountain, the Jiulong Summit, reaches a height of 1301.9 meters. The lofty verdant mountain looks like a gallant war-horse […]

Huashan Mountain Travel Tips

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The wind is plenteous and strong on Huashan Mountain, and the moisture is very heavy in summmer. Before climbing the mountain, tourists had better prepare several thermal overcoats and take a portable plastic raincoat. Huashan Mountain Scenic Spot is open all the year round. Generally, there is pint-sized mud-rock flow in a pouring rainy day […]

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Central Peak of Huashan Mountain

On August 22, 2011, in Mountain Areas, Nature Scenery, Xi'an, by Jack Li

Central Peak of Huashan Mountain is 2037.8 meters high, located in the middle of East Peak, West Peak and South Peak. Actually, it is a small mountain peak cling to the west of East Peak and was considered as a part of East Peak in ancient times. However, it has been regarded as one of […]

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