Go to the Snow Mountains in the coldest time!

On January 6, 2016, in Yunnan, by Jack Li

Lijiang is located in the Northwest of Yunnan province with a history of almost a thousand years. The annual sunshine hr. is 2530 hours in Lijiang, as the peak area of Yunnan province. The light is enough here, but it has a stronger solar radiation. Many people say that the most worthless thing in Lijiang is […]


The Mosuo, a special minority group in China

Visit a world where everything is different. A world with a unique and fascinating culture where women have the power. Visiting the ethnic minority group the Mosuo will make your China travel very special. Explore the lifestyle of the Mosuo and get a unique cultural experience. In recent years the Mosuo culture has attracted a […]


Tiger Leaping Gorge

If you like the beautiful nature of China then you should not miss to visit the Tiger Leaping Gorge when you travel in China. It doesn’t matter if you like to hike or if you want to have it more convenient. With visiting the Tiger Leaping Gorge, both ways are possible. You can take a […]


‘The Place South of the Colourful Clouds’

Yunnan is Chinas most south western province which borders the countries of Burma, Laos and Vietnam and neighbours fellow provinces of Guizhou, Guangxi, Chongqing, Sichuan and Tibet. Yunnan is referred to as ‘the place south of the colourful clouds’. Yunnan is known for its breath taking views of beautiful landscapes, its diverse population of ethnic […]

The Western Hills Forest Park Travel Tips

On September 6, 2011, in More Cities, Parks & Gardens, Tours, Travel Info, Yunnan, by Jack Li

The Western Hills Park is a must-visit of the local people at the beginning of spring. Longmen is the top of the Western Hills and also the best place to view Dianchi Lake. Besides, the famous Chinese musician, Nie Er, is buried here. The plank road leading to Longmen only allows two people walking abreast. […]

The Yulan Garden

On September 6, 2011, in Parks & Gardens, Popular Provinces, Temples, Yunnan, by Jack Li

The Yulan Garden is located on the east mountainside of the Huating Hill. Covering an area of 4.4 hectares, it is the largest magnolia flower garden in China. From inside the garden, you can see the downtown of Kunming to the north, and the beautiful overview of the Dianchi Lake to the south. Magnolia, known […]

The Reclining Buddha Mountains

On September 6, 2011, in Mountain Areas, Nature Scenery, Parks & Gardens, Yunnan, by Jack Li

The Reclining Buddha Mountains, known as the Western Hills, form the basis of the Western Hills Forest Park. Because the mountains look like a Buddha who was lying and resting himself from far away, they were named the Reclining Buddha Mountains. People also refer to them as the Western Hills since they are located in […]

The Longmen Grottoes

On September 6, 2011, in Historical Relics, Popular Provinces, Towers, Pagodas & Grottoes, Yunnan, by Jack Li

The Longmen Grottoes are located at the southern end of the Western Hills Park, between the Sanqing Taoist Temple and the Datian Pavilion. They are the largest and most exquisite Taoist grottoes in Yunnan Province. It is said that the Yangs, the officials who were in charge of the construction of the park ordered more […]

Western Hills Forest Park

On September 5, 2011, in Parks & Gardens, Tips & Ideas, Tours, Yunnan, by Jack Li

Western Hills Forest Park is beside the Dianchi Lake in the western suburbs of Kunming about 15 km away from the city, covering an area of 889 hectares. It consists of a number of mountains increasing in altitude from the north to the south. The highest mountain is Luohan Mountain, about 2,507 metres above sea […]

Black Dragon Pool Travel Tips

On September 5, 2011, in Kunming, Tours, Travel Info, Waterfalls & Pools, Yunnan, by Jack Li

Black Dragon Pool has been famous for the water, the pool and the maidenhair tree, which are called “three wonders”. There has opened up a “Dragon Spring Watching Plum Garden” which covers an area of over 400 mu (26.67 hectares) since 1990s. Over 100 species gather in the garden which is divided into Art Plum […]

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