Tuyugou Canyon Travel Tips

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Food in Turpan is almost as same as in Urumqi. You can enjoy Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Uygur snacks and Islam halal food. If you ask the local people in Turpan what is their favorite food, their answer might all be grapes and other fruit. In Turpan, grapes and other fruits could be seen as […]

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Mazha Tomb

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Mazha Tomb is the first ancient religious relic you will see in the south mouth of the Tuyugou Canyon. It is a tomb of ancient saints. The Mazha Toms has a histore of more than 1300 years. Back to the 7th century when Mohammed created Islam, his six disciples came to China to preach their […]

Thousand-Buddha Cave

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In the middle part of the Tuyugou Canyon, the Thousand-Buddha Cave is one of the top three Buddhism Grottoes in Xinjiang. It started to build at the Jin Dynasty (265-420). It is among the first list of protected cultural relics in Xinjiang autonomous region. In the Jin Dynasty, the Tuyugou Grottoes are important for the […]

Tuyugou Ancient Village

Tuyugou Ancient Village lives a very old and quiet Uygur ethnic group. It is a village with over 1700 years of history. UP till now, the Tuyugou Ancient Village is the oldest Uygur village. It spread in the surrounding area of Islam mosques. There are in all over two hundred households in the village. In […]

Tuyugou Canyon

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Tuyugou Canyon is in Shanshan County which is 55 kilometers to the east of Turpan. Tuyugou Canyon was once the holy land of Buddhism and Islam. The Thousand-Buddha Cave in Tuyugou Canyon is 15 kilometers to the east of the south slope of Huoyan Mountain. There were ninety-four caves there. Now there are 45 caves. […]

The Heaven Pool Travel Tips

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The Heaven Pool is a beautiful lake dotted on the mountainside of the Bogda Peak in the Tianshan Mountains. The lake adopts the shape of half moon, with clear and limpid water in it. The surrounding of the lake is covered by verdant grass and colorful flowers. The reflections of the blue sky and the […]

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The Ancient Elm Tree

The Ancient Elm Tree, also known as “the Iron Rod”, is located on the bank of the Heaven Pool. You can easily notice it because it is actually the only big tree by the lake. The elm tree gains such fame because people said that it was the incarnation of a hair clasp that belonged […]

The Temple of the Queen Mother of the West

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The Temple of the Queen Mother of the West, also known as the Jade Pool Temple , is located on the eastern bank of the Heaven Pool, where the sea level elevation is around 2,000 meters. The temple is one of the oldest Taoist temple in the Xinjiang Province. It is said that the Queen […]

The Meadow Steppe

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In the region where sea level elevation ranges from 2800 to 3500 meters on the northern side of the Bogda Peak locates a vast area of breathtaking grassland—the Meadow Steppe. The landform there is flat on the whole, but in some area it fluctuates slightly because of water erosion. During the summer, that is, between […]

The Snowland

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The Snowland is located above the snow line of the Bogda Peak, which is 3800 meters above the sea level. The area looks like a beautiful white ocean because it is covered by thick permanent snow and magnificent glaciers. Dates back to 1,700,000 to 570,000 years ago, when the earth was experiencing an algid stage, […]

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