The West Lake in Hangzhou

On September 7, 2011, in Activities, Hangzhou, Lakes, Must-sees, Nature Scenery, by Jack Li

The West Lake is a poem, a painting, a beautiful story. It has overwhelmed both those who live by it and the travelers. The city of Hangzhou is famous for its natural scenery, and most of all, it is famous for the West Lake. The West Lake is one of the most renowned tourist attractions […]

Wuzhen Travel Tips

When you feel stressed; when you feel unhappy; Wuzhen is the best choice to relax your mind. The plain, simple sceneries of Water Towns in southern China will make you forget your worries and immerse yourself into the slow-paced life, enjoy the classic beauty of China. Over here you can relax, unwind and have an […]

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Folk Custom Museum in Southern China

On September 6, 2011, in Ancient Houses & Courtyards, Cultural Experience, Hangzhou, Museums, by Jack Li

The wealthiest family in Dongzha was the Jin Family. Nowadays their residences become the vivid record of the life in southern China. In the museum you can see different folk customs about birthdays, marriage, spring festivals and so on in Wuzhen from the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic. Elegant wax statues played the dramas […]

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One Hundred Beds Museum in Southern China

On September 6, 2011, in Hangzhou, Historical Relics, Museums, Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

One Hundred Beds Museum is the first museum in China which specializes in collecting and displaying old beds.  Located in the 210 east street, the museum is also known as “Zhao’s Hall”.  Covering an area of 1200sqm, it collects tens of the essence works of old beds in southern China from Ming, Qing dynasty and […]

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Xizha View Spot of Wuzhen

The original Wuzhen refers to the Dongzha View Spot. Xizha View Spot of Wuzhen was opened to public after some repairs. You have to take boat into the Xizha View Spot. Harmony is the most appropriate word to describe Xizha. Xizha consists of 12 islands, and over 70 bridges connect these islands together. The number […]

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Wuzhen is an ancient town with a history of 1,300 years, located in south China.  There are many ancient towns resembling Wuzhen and are located on the Yangtze River Delta.  They are as peaceful and beautiful as bright pearls.  Besides owning characteristics of ancient residence in southern China such as ingenuity, elegance and picturesque scenery, […]

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Thousand–island Lake Travel Tips

On September 6, 2011, in Hangzhou, Islands, Lakes, Tours, Travel Info, by Jack Li

Best Time to visit Thousand—island Lake The average temperature of the whole year is 17℃.  And the rainy season is from July to July. Climate in June and August is foggy; the highest temperature can reach at 36℃.  So taking many factors into consideration, the best time to visit Thousand—island Lake is from September to […]

Santan Island

On September 6, 2011, in Accomodation, Activities, Hangzhou, Islands, by Jack Li

Covering an area of 0.7sqm, containing a village relic spot, an animal entertainment district and a special food court, Santan Island is open to the public in 2001.  Travelling around Santan Island, you can appreciate live show of root carving in the village relic spot, music made by stones, tea performance and other folk shows.  […]


On September 6, 2011, in Chinese Towns & Villages, Hangzhou, Nature Scenery, Waterfalls & Pools, by Jack Li

Jiupaojie view spot is also known as Shangxifeng view spot. It is situated in Pingmen town which is in the northern of Chunan County. It is 25 kilometers far from Thousand-island Lake. It is famous for nine various waterfalls situated in it. It is very rare that so many waterfalls situated in one place. So […]

Lijiang River Travel Tips

On September 6, 2011, in Guilin, Rivers & Gorges, Tours, Travel Info, by Jack Li

Lijiang River, originating in the Yuecheng Mountain, is a main tributary of the Pearl River flowing through the eastern part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The head water is Liudong River and the confluence of the Huangbo River and Chuangjiang River is called Rongjiang River. The Lijiang River stretches from Guilin to Yangshuo with a […]

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