The White Palace

On August 17, 2011, in Lhasa, Monasteries, Temples, Tibet, by Jack Li

The White Palace is one of the major buildings inside the Potala Palace. It used to be the residence of Dalai Lama, the supreme religious leaders of Tibet. The seven-floor mansion was named “the White Palace” because its outer walls were all painted white. The top floor of the palace is the Sunlight Hall, which […]

The Potala Palace

On August 16, 2011, in Lhasa, Palaces, Temples, Tibet, by Jack Li

The Potala Palace, pearl on the roof ridge of the world, is situated on the Red Hill in the northwest of Lhasa, provincial capital of Tibet. Originally, this architectural wonder was intended as a welcoming gift from Sontzen Gampo, founder of the Tibetan regime, to his bride, Princess Wencheng, who travelled a long way from […]

Jokhang Temple in Tibet

On August 16, 2011, in Lhasa, Must-sees, Temples, Tibet, by Jack Li

Tibet is such a beautiful city full of culture and history. Jokhang Temple is regarded as the most sacred temple for many Tibetans and a must see for visitors. Jokhang Temple, situated in the centre of the old section of Lhasa called Barkhor, was built in the mid-7th century A. D .Its beauty is famous […]


Lhasa, Tibet experience

On July 8, 2011, in Cultural Experience, Lhasa, More Cities, Tibet, by Jack Li

Lhasa, literally meaning “Holy-Land”, is the heart and soul of Tibet, has history of more than 1,300 years. It was an important center of administrative power in the 7th century AD, when Songtsen Gampo, a local ruler in the Yarlung Valley, continued the task of unifying Tibet.  Songtsen Gampo moved his capital to Lhasa and […]

Lhasa the Tibetan Capital

On June 14, 2011, in Adventure Trip, Cultural Experience, Lhasa, Tibet, by Jack Li

The land of Tibet represents one of the most mystic and religious region, to discover in China. It is easily accessible thanks to Travel to Tibet which gives the opportunity to book flight to Gonggar airport, situated very close to the Tibetan capital Lhasa. Lhasa “The Land of Gods”, is the core of Tibet, The […]

Comfortable Economy Hotels in Lhasa

On November 1, 2010, in Accomodation, Adventure Trip, Lhasa, Tibet, Travel Info, by Jack Li

Since Tibet opened itself to the outside world, more and more people come to visit this sacred land all year around. The most famous city of Tibet is Lhasa which accumulates a lot of attractions such as Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, Gandan, Sera and Trupeng monasteries, and Namco Lake. It usually takes several […]

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Have a General Idea of Tibet

On October 25, 2010, in Lhasa, Nature Scenery, Tibet, Tours, by Jack Li

Nowadays Tibet Tours have become very hot among travelers from all over the world. Although Tibet has gradually unveiled itself to the outside world, to most people it is still a mysterious place for not only for its unique geography but also for its religion and landscapes. This article will give a brief introduction of […]

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Follow a Travel Agency and Discover the Secret Land: Tibet

On September 26, 2010, in Lhasa, Tibet, Tours, Travel Info, by Jack Li

Tibet, a sacred but controversial place, is the home of Tibetan Buddhism temples, Tibetan antelopes and the largest plateau on the world. This fascinating land presents the snows and flowers at the same time. Unlike other china travel, Tibet used to be a “forbidden” and mysterious city until a new train line was built from […]

Tour Package to Lhasa-Customize Your Own Trip

On September 26, 2010, in Lhasa, Tips & Ideas, Tours, Travel Info, by Jack Li

A tour package consists of transport and accommodation advertised and sold together by a vendor known as a tour operator. Other services may be provided like a rental car, activities or outings during the holiday. Transport can be via charter airline to a foreign country. Package holidays are a form of product bundling. Tour package […]


“2010 Lhasa International Semi-journey Marathon Challenge”

On August 3, 2010, in Activities, Adventure Trip, Lhasa, Tibet, by Jack Li

Special Highlights: if you happen to take the tour on Sep.12th, you will have a chance to view “2010 Lhasa International Semi-journey Marathon Challenge”. On that day morning you will attend the starting ceremony at the Potala Palace square and then you will visit the Potala Palace. After visiting the Palace, you will drive to […]

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