Lingyin Temple

On February 11, 2014, in Hangzhou, by Kate Liu

Before going to Hangzhou, I saw a photo of Lingyin Temple in the blog.The morning you will hear the sound of the bell, the night listening to the drum sound. Sounds very pure, very exciting. Lingyin Temple was founded in the Eastern Jin Dynasty period, then India monk Hui Li see the mountains here are […]


The West Lake in my eyes

On January 28, 2014, in Hangzhou, by Sandy Li

The West Lake is a wonderful place, it make humanity and geography get together. Here is the hometown of Hangzhou people, but also the cultural ancient spiritual home. Because of the West Lake, let here more picturesque. Travel in Hangzhou, just like the rhythm in poetry. The part of West Lake, from my camera photos, […]


Interpretation of Hangzhou

On January 23, 2014, in Hangzhou, by Sandy Li

  Hangzhou is located in the northeast of Zhejiang Province, 180 kilometers away from Shanghai, is one of the seven ancient capitals in China, is one of the key tourist cities and historical and cultural city. Since the Qin Dynasty set up county, Hangzhou has 2200 years of history. Today, Hangzhou has become the capital […]


Xixi National Wetland Park Travel Tips

On September 8, 2011, in Hangzhou, Nature Scenery, Parks & Gardens, Travel Info, by Jack Li

Xixi National Wetland Park is a new hot tourism spot in Hangzhou attracting tourists all over the world. Visitor can enjoy boating on the rivers, the flowers are beautiful and trees are shady. You can have a good break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Tips: 1. As an ecological park, Xixi can […]

Xixi National Wetland Park

On September 8, 2011, in Hangzhou, Lakes, Nature Scenery, Parks & Gardens, by Jack Li

Xixi National Swamp Park located 5km away from the famous West Lake is a rare urban wetland. Xixi National Wetland Park covers 10.08km2 of which 3.46km2 opens to public. The walking trails are 8km in total which takes 3 hour or so to cover the entire park. Water is the soul of Xixi. 70% of […]

The West Lake in Hangzhou Travel Tips

On September 7, 2011, in Chinese Towns & Villages, Hangzhou, Lakes, Mountain Areas, Temples, Tours, Travel Info, by Jack Li

The West Lake Ticket: Lingyin Temple: RMB 30 Feilaifeng Mountain: RMB 35 Yuemiao Temple: RMB 25 Liuhe Pagoda: RMB 20 Hupao: RMB 15 Guozhuang Village: RMB 10 Santan Yinyue: RMB 20 Yuhuang Mountain: RMB 10 Leifeng Xizhao: RMB 40 Sudi Chunxiao: free of charge Quyuan Fenghe: free of charge Pinghu Qiuyue: free of charge How […]

Sudi Chunxiao

On September 7, 2011, in Hangzhou, Lakes, More Cities, Nature Scenery, by Jack Li

Sudi Chunxiao, meaning “Sudi Dam in spring”, is the top of the Ten Sights of the West Lake. Sudi Dam is a three-kilometer long dam that connects the southern and the northern scenic spots. The dam is 36 metres wide. In the Song Dynasty, Sushi, a very prominent Chinese poet, was appointed the governor of […]

Quyuan Fenghe

On September 7, 2011, in Hangzhou, Lakes, Parks & Gardens, Rivers & Gorges, by Jack Li

Quyuan Fenghe means “the lotuses in Quyuan Yard”. It is at the place where Jishajian River flows into the West Lake. In the Southern Song Dynasty there used to be a royal wine distillery where there was a pond. The people working in the distillery raised lotuses in the pond. In summer, the scent of […]

Pinghu Qiuyue

On September 7, 2011, in Hangzhou, Lakes, More Cities, Towers, Pagodas & Grottoes, by Jack Li

Pinghu Qiuyue, literally “the autumnal moon over the calm West Lake”, is one of the ten most famous sights in the West Lake scenic spot. The West Lake is most beautiful and poetic on a moonlit night. The scene is beside the West Lake on the south of Gushan Mountain and on the west of […]

Nanping Wanzhong

On September 7, 2011, in Hangzhou, Lakes, Mountain Areas, Temples, by Jack Li

Nanping Wanzhong literally means “the Chiming of the Nanping Mountain”. Nanping Mountain is situated to the south of the West Lake. The main height of the Nanping Mountain is only several hundred metres high but the mountain range goes on for thousands of metres; it is covered in forests, and the cliffs are steep and […]

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