Chongming Island Travel Tips

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Situated in the mouth of Changjiang River, Chongming Island is the third largest island of China.  It is acknowledged as the portal of Changjiang River and Yingzhou in East Sea. Known as one of the biggest alluvial islands and sands land in the world, it is also a fertile land of rice, fish and unique […]

Dongping National Forest Park

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Dongping National Forest Park is situated in the mid-northern part of the Chongming Island. It is 12 kilometers far from the county (Nanmen Harbor). Its total area is 5400 acres. It is the largest man-made plateau forest. The park used to be the Dongping tree farm. The national leaders like Jiang Zheming, Zhu Rongji, Wen […]

Mingzhu Lake

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Mingzhu Lake is a place with crystal clear water, elegant environment and picturesque scenery.  Its environment was classified as first class, according to the government’s tests. Its water quality reaches the second—class in China.  With a length of 3500m length, width of 500-700m and depth of -7 to 8m, the lake can compare with the […]

Xisha Wetland Park

The main geological relics and sceneries of Xisha Wetland Park are ‘the geological relic of delta mudflat’, ‘the geological relic of wetland landform’, and the plants, birds and animals of wetland. In total, there are two categories and seventeen typical geological relics. The park presents the geological sceneries of the largest delta island in the […]

Chongming Island

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It took over 1300 years for the two sandbanks in the mouth of the Yangtze River to develop into the third largest island of China — Chongming Island. So far it is also the largest sand island lying in the river delta. Three sides of the island face the river. The southeastern shore of the […]


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Shanghai is one of the most hippest coolest places in China, its very different to all of the other cities even the capital. After forty years of being an unknown and isolated the city recently it has had a new lease of life. It is now dubbed the Paris of the Eastern world with so many […]

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I have spent a long time in Beijing doing all of the touristy sights and sampling the great cuisine I thought it was time to try something new, so I logged onto China Tours which helped me find some great idea’s and also booked some really cheap domestic China Flights.  Clearly there are so many […]

Amazing Tour in China

On October 13, 2010, in Great Wall, Places of Interest, Terracotta Warriors, Tours, Travel Info, by Jack Li

For every foreign visitor who wants to china travel, the best option is the Multi-City Tour, so that you can have a more general impression ofChina Tours. However, how to find your best trip routes? Here, I will give you some suggestions about it. Wonderful! You can choose your travel routes according to different themes, […]

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