The Lama Temple.

On July 17, 2012, in Beijing, Historical Relics, More Places of Interest, Temples, by Jack Li

When you are traveling to Beijing the Lama Temple is not the first place that comes to your mind, there are other more famous and more popular places to go during your Beijing Tour, but if you have a free morning or a free afternoon and you want to see the most astonishing Buddhist temple […]

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Plan a family outing at the China science and technology museum

On July 13, 2012, in Activities, Beijing, More Places of Interest, Museums, by Jack Li

Address : Olympic Village 奥运村地区 朝阳区朝阳区北辰东路5号5 Beichen Donglu, Chaoyang District For my first travel to Beijing, I bought a guide book like all the newcomers to know what to do in this unknown city. Of course I did all the must-sees monuments and places during my tour in Beijing, but I noticed in a little […]

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Parks in Beijing.

During your trip to Beijing you will probably see tall buildings, cars and lots of people everywhere, but in the middle of Beijing’s busy city life there are a large number of calm parks that you can’t miss in your Beijing tour. The most astonishing of the Beijing parks is the park that contains the […]

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Peking Uni

Prior to this piece, I wrote an article with the name ‘A Confucian Education’ which mentioned Beijing’s ancient Imperial Academy. Shifting away from this, the city is home to the country’s top universities which are renowned for their academic excellence. This is none more true than that of China’s first modern national university; namely, Peking […]

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On May 18, 2012, in Beijing, China Travel Gossip, More Places of Interest, Shopping, by Jack Li

As discussed in the earlier China travel-related article, ‘Negotiating the Markets’, Beijing is a smashing place to strike up some excellent bargains. Yet aside from haggle-factor, the city has some superb shopping complexes throughout the city which can, per se, entice people to travel to Beijing. Essentially, for a change from the historical albeit cultural […]

Beijing Normal University

On May 10, 2012, in Beijing, Modern Architecture, More Places of Interest, by Jack Li

If you travel to Beijing you will certainly pass more than one university on your way and sometimes you might not even realize it. Not all universities are as big and famous as Beijing Daxue or Tsinghua University but there are lots of bigger and smaller universities in the city that are worth stopping by […]

Chill Out in Hou Hai

On May 7, 2012, in Beijing, China Travel Gossip, More Places of Interest, by Jack Li

‘What can I do on a sunny day on my travel to Beijing?’ – Here’s a thought, try Hou Hai. The place is popular with tourists which is made more obvious after considering what it has to offer. The spontaneity of creating your own itinerary can be extremely fun and the randomness of the Hou Hai area makes this all […]

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Wudaoying Hutong Cafes

On April 27, 2012, in Beijing, China Travel Gossip, More Places of Interest, by Jack Li

Hutongs are excellent places to see the city’s old streets if you travel to Beijing with some superb Beijing tours operating in and around different hutongs. Stepping off the subway at Yonghegong Lama Temple tourists will encounter over the road from the temple, a maze of amazing (pun intended) cafes in the Wudaoying Hutong. This […]

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The Mystical Laoxiangfeng

On April 25, 2012, in Adventure Trip, More Places of Interest, Nature Scenery, by Jack Li

This article refers to just one of countless scenic spots which can be viewed at leisure along your China travel experience. Roughly 80 kilometres from Beijing, Laoxiangfeng is a prime location for travellers to take a break from the busy city-life. Encompassing 4,000 hectares, Laoxiangfeng is certainly a playground for the outdoor-types. To get to this […]

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Beijing Millennium Monument

On April 23, 2012, in Beijing, Modern Architecture, More Places of Interest, by Jack Li

When you travel to Beijing there are more than enough things to do and see. Beijing’s Millennium Monument itself is a great place to see for its unique architectural structure and the interesting exhibitions inside it. But because of its proximity to other cool places you can easily plan one of  your Beijing tours in this […]

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