Recreation Area

On July 6, 2011, in Beijing, Great Wall, by Jack Li

            The Recreation Area of Badaling Zoo provides a multi-faced approach to relaxing for visitors. The visitors are offered several options the first being The Business Street. The Business street is near the park gate and is the perfect area for tourists to go shopping and have dinner. Once visitors have eaten, or even before-hand they […]

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The Ancient Culture Area

On July 6, 2011, in Beijing, Great Wall, Historical Relics, by Jack Li

Fundamental to Chinese History is the Old Great Wall stretching 3.5 kilometers, which is still standing strong thanks to the ‘tao sawai’. The ‘tao sawai’ is the infamous furnace used to make the Great Wall bricks, which is still around today much to the amazement of many visitors. This area is also home to the […]

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Badaling Wildlife Zoo Travel Tips

On July 6, 2011, in Beijing, Great Wall, Parks & Gardens, by Jack Li

Badaling Wildlife Zoo is a large-scale natural ecology park built alongside mountains covering an area of 6000 mu (402 hectares) and is located under the foot of The Badaling Great wall. Transportation to the zoo is very convenient only taking approximately 40 minutes from downtown Beijing. East of the wildlife zoo is a large newly […]

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Badaling Wildlife Zoo

On July 6, 2011, in Beijing, Great Wall, Parks & Gardens, by Jack Li

Beijing Badaling Wildlife Zoo is the largest upland wildlife zoo in China. The zoo totals in size to around 6000 mu (402 hectares) and is home to around ten thousand wildlife animals consisting of one hundred different species. The zoo is located at the foot of the world-renown Badaling Great Wall and is conveniently close […]

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The Great Wall – Mutianyu

On January 18, 2011, in Beijing, Cultural Experience, Great Wall, Must-sees, by Jack Li

When on your China Travels make sure you book a china tour that takes to the Great Wall of China. It is a must-see attraction when in China and it is simply magnificent. One section of the wall that I would recommend you seeing is the Mutianyu section.  At the weekend, I went with a […]

Amazing Tour in China

On October 13, 2010, in Great Wall, Places of Interest, Terracotta Warriors, Tours, Travel Info, by Jack Li

For every foreign visitor who wants to china travel, the best option is the Multi-City Tour, so that you can have a more general impression ofChina Tours. However, how to find your best trip routes? Here, I will give you some suggestions about it. Wonderful! You can choose your travel routes according to different themes, […]

The Great Wall of China

On October 12, 2010, in Beijing, Great Wall, Must-sees, by Jack Li

Nothing can prepare you for the amazing sight of the Great wall, I saw it in the distance and stared at it in awe!  I have  dreamt of      visiting  this attraction for years and never thought I would ever get the chance. I decided not to take the traditional tourist route by  coach  (which […]

The Great Wall, One of the Populations of China

On September 21, 2010, in Adventure Trip, Featured China Stories, Great Wall, Must-sees, by Jack Li

The Great Wall had the function of military defense in the past, but now it is a great architecture of Chinese people and a symbol of Chinese people’s unity. In 1987, The Great Wall was listed in the World Cultural Heritage Lists and it is described as one of the longest defensive wall. If you […]

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Great Wall of China Facts and Anecdotes Behind

On September 14, 2010, in Cultural Experience, Featured China Stories, Great Wall, Must-sees, by Jack Li

If you Travel to Beijing, you must have heard a saying about the Great Wall, from your Chinese friends or saw it in the tourism booklet in China Hotels. It is “He, who has never been to the Great Wall, is not a true man”. But do you have any ideas about the resource of […]

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