2 Days Desert Tour in Inner Mongolia

Endless sand, a beautiful view and silence. Visiting the desert in China is definitely worth it! During my travel in China I’ve seen a lot of big cities, lots of people and did a lot of sightseeing. So I thought it is time to see a different China. Therefore I took a Flight from Beijing […]


Why China is called China

Do you know why China is called China? When I came to China I realized that when people travel to China or they’ve already lived in China for a longer time, the first thing they all learn is that China in Chinese is called “Zhongguo” which can be translated as Middle Kingdom. But if you […]


Why China

On July 24, 2013, in Beijing, China Travel Gossip, Featured China Stories, by Jack Li

  Why China? That’s a common question everyone asked me when I first decided to travel to china for a semester abroad in Beijing. They still ask me that same question now that I’m here and every time I meet new people. This doesn’t bother me at all because I am always curious, as well, […]


Get to know Beijing Opera with Journey to the West

Have you ever been to an Opera? If yes or not the Opera in China is different from the western Opera. Especially the Beijing Opera is know in the Foreign Countries and is considered as one of the four “musts” to see when travelling to Beijing. It is a special and unique experience that will […]


Dragon and Tiger Mountain in Jiangxi Province

Are you interested in Taoism? Or do you simply want to see fantastic sceneries and experience a little bit of Chinese culture? Then don’t miss out to visit Longhu shan in Jiangxi Province during your travel in China.   Longhu shan which means Dragon and Tiger Mountain is located in Jiangxi province and has a […]


The Great Mosque in Xining

Do you know the Qinghai Province? It is a province near to Tibet. When travel in China or make a tour to Tibet by train you should not miss out the city Xining in Qinghai province as you can find here a mix of population between Muslims, Tibetans and Han Chinese. Xining is the capital […]


The Legend of Kung Fu

On July 16, 2013, in Beijing, China Travel Gossip, Cultural Experience, Must-sees, by Jack Li

China has a huge range of places for you to choose from and visit. Great places with amazing scenery that will make your China Tour a delightful experience.  Now, I’m going to introduce a show that will make your experience even richer in history and culture during your China Travel. “The Legend of Kung Fu […]


Watch a Football game at Beijing Workers Stadium

Do you like to watch football? Have you watched a football match in China? If you plan to travel in Beijing and you like to watch football, you should not miss a match of Beijing’s football team, Beijing Guoan, at the Workers Stadium. It’s a good cultural experience as you will be among a lot […]

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Biggest ever promotion for China Tours: 10% OFF

On July 12, 2013, in China Travel Gossip, by Sandy Li

 Check our newly redesigned website for China tours! Biggest ever promotion: 10% OFF! No limitations: Promotion available for all China Tours Biggest Ever:  10% Off Reliable: China Travel Depot is powered by China CYTS Tours Holding Co. Ltd. – Top China Travel Agency Since 1980 How to enjoy the promotion? Use the promotion code”save10” when […]


The Art of Bargaining

On July 12, 2013, in China Travel Gossip, Cultural Experience, Shopping, Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

  Since I first decided to travel to China, I was really excited to meet fellow students, teachers, get immerse into chinese culture and, why not? to learn the art of bargainig. But where to practice this “art”, literally in every market place you can think while touring in China. Silk market, pearl market and […]

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