Being in Fairyland Penglai

On December 9, 2014, in China Travel Gossip, by Kate Liu

Having long been known as a fairyland, Penglai in Shandong Province which close to Yantai is one of the three supernatural mountains. Penglai Pavilion is a famous tower in Penglai, Shandong. It is noted as one of the Four Great Towers of China, also the landing place of the Eight Immortals and famous for its occasional mirages which frequently […]


Discover Unique Beijing

On May 20, 2014, in China Travel Gossip, by Kate Liu

With the coming of this spring, Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development will come to Berlin and Paris with Beijing tourism enterprise to introduce the Beijing tourism resources to the Europe. Beijing is the capital of China and the country’s political, cultural and international communicational center. Beijing is a populous city in the world with […]


General information about Shandong

On May 15, 2014, in China Travel Gossip, Shandong, by Kate Liu

1.Brief introduction     With the graceful city by the sea, tops of lofty and overwhelming mountains, the dreamlike scenery of exceptional charm, and the warmhearted Jinan as written by writers, the enthusiastic and great-hearted people from Shandong welcome their guests from all directions by using their plain and colorful way.       Shandong is located on […]


Events and Activities in Hangzhou

On May 13, 2014, in China Travel Gossip, Hangzhou, by Kate Liu

Encountering Longjing in Spring Spring field trip, tea picking, tea frying, tea ceremony show, and working as tea grower Time: April 8 to May 9 Location: Longjing Village   Lotus Flowers Festival of West Lake Lotus flower appreciating, lotus seeds picking, lotus meal, folk opera, releasing lotus lanterns, Miss Lotus competition, lotus flower exposition Time: […]


CTD 6th Anniversary Celebration

On May 8, 2014, in China Travel Gossip, by Kate Liu is one of the most famous websites specializing in inbound tourism services, it is well-known by fo reigners. Every year there is a large quantity of people from other countries arriving China through CTD. In order to acknowledge the guests using our tourism product and the members of CTD, we arranged a prize competition […]


Have an amazing time in Qiandao Lake

On March 26, 2014, in China Travel Gossip, by Kate Liu

Living near Qiandao Lake, you will never be bored, as you can go peach flower-appreciating in Zhai Shang Cun for spring, go drifting in Jiulong Brook for summer, go leaves-photographing in the Gulf of Longchuan for autumn, and have tea under the sunshine on Binhu roadside for winter… The Lakers do not like to sleep […]


Xixi National Wetland Park

On March 13, 2014, in China Travel Gossip, by Kate Liu

A named “if you are the one” film to let people know the only natural wetland in the Chinese city. If the mountain is Hangzhou’s lung, then Xixi is the Hangzhou‘s kidney.Xixi National Wetland Park is located in the western part of Hangzhou City, only 5 kilometers from West Lake. Xixi was created during Han […]


Having fun in Beijing during your 72 hours visa-free transit

On January 2, 2014, in China Travel Gossip, by Sandy Li

Are you facing a transit in Beijing with some time to kill?Are you looking for something fun to do? While travelling inBeijingwithout experiencing some famous cultural activities would be a shame. Now, if you are already in a mood for amusing yourself, let’s take an adventure with Since January 1st 2013 visitors who hold […]


10 must sees during your 72 hours visa free transit in Beijing

On January 2, 2014, in China Travel Gossip, by Sandy Li

Before you go on your short-term Beijing tour within 72 hours transit, probably you’ll have to plan it beforehand. What’s to see in Beijing? Where to go? Well, don’t panic. Reading this list of “Top 10 of Things to See in Your Beijing Tour”, make your passing transit a high-level visit with Since January 1st 2013 […]


A cup of coffee in Beijing, an incredible experience during your 72 hours visa-free transit

On December 17, 2013, in China Travel Gossip, by Sandy Li

After a long flight, are you yearning for a comfortable place to wind down? Take a cup of coffee at cafes and coffee shops inBeijingand it will be pretty pleasant and impressive as well. Let’s make the best of the opportunity that 72-hour visa-free transit policy offers and start a new journey with the aroma […]

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