Discover China Giant Pandas and their way of living

On March 26, 2015, in China Travel Gossip, by Jack Li

China main representative animal is surely the Giant Panda. Its survival has been threatened by pollution and environmental changes so far, though lately there seems to be a change for the population to grow bigger again. Apart from their presence in Chinese zoos, panda bears are also hosted and reared in natural reserves, such the […]


Guangzhou: a precious spot at Pearl river delta

On March 24, 2015, in China Travel Gossip, by Jack Li

There is an interesting legend about the origin of Canton city, from Chinese people mostly known as Guangzhou. It tells about a group of four goats, lead by a ram of divine origins, which reached this pleasant place by the delta of the Pearl River and brought here rice seeds in their mouths. Thanks to […]


Inner Mongolia: on the trail of adventure

On March 19, 2015, in China Travel Gossip, by Jack Li

Starting point for a trip in the uttermost impressive region of Inner Mongolia surely is its capital city, Hohhot. From there on you can find a wide range of tours through its breathtaking steppe and desert, that will let you experience new adventures a bit far from the most beaten tracks. Hohhot is a glowing […]


Chengdu: “pandas’ city” with all the makings of a good life

On March 10, 2015, in China Travel Gossip, by Jack Li

At first sight Chengdu may look like the typical newly developed, industrial Chinese city. But do not let yourself be deceived by its appearance, cause behind its skyscrapers and modern houses lies a city of warm-hearted people and friendly traditions. In Chengdu, life seems to flow with a slower rhythm: people tend to take their […]


Yunnan: exotic landscapes, adventurous trips and much more

On March 10, 2015, in China Travel Gossip, by Jack Li

It is not obvious that one knows about cities and local customs of a certain destination, before he travels there. Hitting the road and experiencing it on the spot is surely the best way to learn it truly. Yet South China may sound like an exotic place. You will discover in fact it is, though […]


The love of the Spring City—–Baotu Spring in Jinan

On February 6, 2015, in China Travel Gossip, by Kate Liu

Jinan, the capital of Shandong province, is a prosperous and long-history city which is known as “the city of springs”. There are 72 famous springs in Jinan, among which the most immortalized is Baotu Spring.   Hanging around the Baotu Spring Park, a natural rock and spring garden, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the […]


Scenic spots of ShanDong

On January 22, 2015, in China Travel Gossip, by Kate Liu

QingDao: In Qingdao, you can find the “red roof and green trees; blue sea and clear sky” in your mind picture. Admire the exotic scenery in “buildings of world”, enjoy the time in the century-old church, get on the boat and get a glimpse of the White Tower of the little Qingdao. Let the breeze […]


Shandong Cuisine

On January 6, 2015, in China Travel Gossip, by Kate Liu

Shandon Cuisine are lightly flavoured and rich but not greasy. special care is taken to make them fragrant. crisp and tender.The famedconsome with edible bird’s nest is usually the first main course served at a banquet. the famous sweet-sour Yellow river carp, crisp on the outside and tender inside, is well like for its special […]


Seat types

On December 11, 2014, in China Travel Gossip, by Kate Liu

CTD now is available for booking train ticket online! No longer need to queue at ticket window, just few clicks, everything goes so smooth without any difficulties. Hesitate to choose tickets? What the differece between First Class Seat and Business  Class Seat? Click to choose your satisfied seat!  VIP Seat VIP seat is only available on High-Speed EMU. The seats are usually arranged on the first two carriages of the train. Regarded as first-class cabin on an airplane, which comfortable and undisturbed. The fare is higher than the First Class Seat and about twice of the Second Class Seat.    […]


Train Types

On December 11, 2014, in China Travel Gossip, by Kate Liu

CTD now is available for booking train ticket online! No longer need to queue at ticket  window, just few clicks, everything goes so smooth without any difficulties.   Wanna travel all aroung China by train but don’t know which kind of train is most convenient and cost least, there are some recommends.   G Train- High-Speed Electric Multiple Units High-Speed Electric Multiple Units refers to the train which running fast than 250 km/h, the top speed of which could reach […]

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