Xanadu(Shiwai tao yuan)

On July 26, 2011, in Guilin, Nature Scenery, Valleys and Scenic Spots, by Jack Li

Xanadu(simplified Chinese: 世外桃源; traditional Chinese: 世外桃源; pinyin: Shìwaì táo yán; literally: a land of Peach Blossoms) has developed into the first batch of national AAAA scenery spots and through the ISO14001 international environment management system certification and ISO9001 international quality management system certification. According to the scene depicted in Taoyuan ming’s masterpicee–Xanadu and combined with […]

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Seven Stars Rock

On July 26, 2011, in Guilin, Nature Scenery, Valleys and Scenic Spots, by Jack Li

Seven Stars Rock also called Qixia Rock, Bixu Rock or Xianli Rock. It is in the valley of East Putuo Mountain. It was an underground watercourse, then it rose up above the ground and became the rock. Since then, rain penetrates through the stone cracks and dissolves limestone. In the rock, the limestone crystallized and […]

Butterfly Spring

On July 25, 2011, in Guilin, Must-sees, Valleys and Scenic Spots, by Jack Li

The Butterfly Spring is located in the most beautiful “Ten-Mile Gallery”, of the Moon Hill scenic spot in Yangshuo. It is a naturally scenic spot, which effectively brings natural landscape, history and culture, mountaineering and health care, environmental protection, popularization of science and leisure and going vacationing together as one. It opened for business in […]

Fubo Hill

On July 19, 2011, in Guilin, Nature Scenery, Rivers & Gorges, Valleys and Scenic Spots, by Jack Li

Fubo Hill (Wave-subduing Hill or Fubo General Hill) rises from the banks of the Li River. Standing as an isolated peak, half on the land and half into the water, it disrupts the water flow and waves coming forward. That is where its name comes from. Another explanation says that the Hill was named in […]

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Xianhe Peak (Crane Peak)

On July 18, 2011, in Caves & Canyons, Guilin, Valleys and Scenic Spots, by Jack Li

Xianhe Peak is located to the northwest of Mingyue Peak (Bright Moon Peak), 253.6 meters above the sea level. With a relative height of 101 meters, it is the highest peak in the Diecai hill, occupying an area of 2.1 hectares. Xianhe Cave (Crane Cave) is located to the side of the peak. It is […]

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Diecai Hill (Piled Silk Hill)

On July 18, 2011, in Guilin, Rivers & Gorges, Valleys and Scenic Spots, by Jack Li

Diecai Hill was formerly called Gui Hill. It is located in the northeast of Guilin Municipality, bordering on Li River (or Lijiang River). Diecai Hill and the other two attractions: Duxiu Peak (Peak of Unique Beauty) and Fubo Hill (Subdued Wave Hill or General Fubo Hill) in the city create a triangle. Diecai Hill occupies […]

The Big Banyan Travel Tips

On July 18, 2011, in Guilin, Travel Info, Valleys and Scenic Spots, by Jack Li

Situated in Yangshuo County, Guilin in Guangxi Zhuang nationality autonomous region, the Big Banyan is over 1500 years old and measures 17 meters in height and over 7 meters in circumference. The shade of the big old banyan covers more than one mu (about 667 m2). Such a weather-beaten banyan is regarded as a holy […]

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Baihujian Scenic Zone Travel Tips

Lying in Yangfang Town, Changping Distrist, Baihujian scenic zone is to the north of Phoenix Ridge. It is over 20 miles away from downtown Beijing. With a total area of 4,600,000 square meters, the toppest peak in the zone is 850 meters high. Baihujian scenic zone is one of eight most attractive views in Changping […]

Dunhuang, “the city of the tousand Buddhas”

On June 17, 2011, in Adventure Trip, Other Regions, Valleys and Scenic Spots, by Jack Li

The city, located in the Gansu province in northwest China,  is accessible thanks to the Dunhuang city Airport located 9 miles east of the city centre. It is possible to fly there from Beijing Lanzhou, Urumqi and Xian, flights available on China Flights. Duhuang was firstly established by emperor Wudi during the Han Dynasty in 111BC […]

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