Kangxi Grassland

On August 23, 2011, in Beijing, More Places of Interest, Valleys and Scenic Spots, by Jack Li

Kangxi Grassland is 15 kilometers away from the Great Wall in Yanqing County, 80 kilometers away from Beijing city. The meadow of Kangxi Grassland accounts for about 22 million square meters and it is a famous summer resort at the suburban district of Beijing. It is west to Guanting Lake and north to Haitou Mountain, […]

The Painted Nine Horses Mountain Travel Tips

On August 22, 2011, in Activities, Guilin, Mountain Areas, Travel Info, Valleys and Scenic Spots, by Jack Li

The scenic spot of the painted nine horses mountain canyon drift is a famous tourist attraction along the Lijiang River. The mountain seems to be cut off from the side facing the river and resembles a flat mirror. The canyon drift under the mountain is particularly worth experiencing. The full length of the drift is […]

Xisha Wetland Park

The main geological relics and sceneries of Xisha Wetland Park are ‘the geological relic of delta mudflat’, ‘the geological relic of wetland landform’, and the plants, birds and animals of wetland. In total, there are two categories and seventeen typical geological relics. The park presents the geological sceneries of the largest delta island in the […]

The Guanyan Scenic Spot Travel Tips

The Guanyan Scenic Spot is famous for its Hundred Plant Garden, Peach Garden, folk craftwork, water-mills, carp pool, and farmer’s villages. The idyllic scenery and local customs attract people from everywhere. The light rail still under construction will connect the Port of Guanyan, Yunwu Villa, the Underground River Spot and the shopping centre of the […]

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The Guanyan Scenic Spot

On August 15, 2011, in Guilin, Valleys and Scenic Spots, Waterfalls & Pools, by Jack Li

The Guanyan Scenic Spot (literally “the champion of the karst caves”) is located at the middle reaches of the Lijiang River in Caoping Hui Autonomous Township 29 kilometres to the south of the City of Guilin in the Guangxi Province. It is a Sate AAAA-class tourist spot and the only developed scenic spot in the […]

Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge Travel Tips

On August 11, 2011, in Guilin, Travel Info, Valleys and Scenic Spots, by Jack Li

At the exquisite Chengyang Eight Villages, tourists can spend time at the Wind-Rain Bridge, visit the Drum Tower and chat with amiable local villagers. Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge is just a part of the breathtaking scenery of Chengyang Eight Villages, the essence of the mysterious culture of Dong people. On the hillside near the bridge, visitors […]

Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge

On August 11, 2011, in Historical Relics, Rivers & Gorges, Valleys and Scenic Spots, by Jack Li

20 km north of Guyi Town in Sanjiang County, Liuzhou in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Chengyang Wind-Rain Bridge (also known as Yongji Bridge or Panlong Bridge) is an important heritage site under state protection. The unique design and seamless combination of bridge, balustrade and pavilion account for its lasting appeal in architectural history. As […]

Songshan National Nature Reserve of Beijing Travel Tips

Songshan National Nature Reserve is on the southern side of Mount Haituo in Yanqing County of Beijing in the Jundu area of the Yanshan Mountain Range. It borders with Huailai County and Chicheng County of Hebei Province on the west and the north, and neighbours Valley Fo of Zhangshanying Township and Shuiyu Village in Yanqing […]

The Fragrant Hills Park

On August 3, 2011, in Beijing, Parks & Gardens, Valleys and Scenic Spots, by Jack Li

The Fragrant Hills Park is situated in the west suburban area of Beijing and covers 180 hectares. It is a royal garden featuring wooded mountains. In 1956, the Fragrant Hills were open to the public. During the past 50 years, the Fragrant Hills Park has been one of the favourite attractions of both domestic and […]

Xanadu Travel Tips

On July 26, 2011, in Guilin, Travel Info, Valleys and Scenic Spots, by Jack Li

As national AAAA scenery spots, the first batch of National Agriculure Tourism demonstration site and the recommended destination of World Tourism Organization, Xanadu show us a beautiful picture which includes old bridge, stream, rural landscape and folk residence. Xanadu mainly composed with lotus pound, lake of swallow, crave of swallow, dong village customs and primitive […]

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