The Cultural Relics in Mount Moon

On September 2, 2011, in Guilin, Historical Relics, More Cities, Mountain Areas, by Jack Li

The cultural relic of Three Drops of Water is at the foot of Mount Moon. The site of the relic stretches along the southwest side of the Mountain, and covers an area of 1 square kilometers. The relic had been hidden in earth for a long time and was not discovered by local residents until […]

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Xiu Mountain

On September 1, 2011, in Dali, Kunming, Mountain Areas, Temples, by Jack Li

In Ming Dynasty Xiu Mountain in Tonghai with JinMa Mountain and Biji Mountain in Kunming, Cang Mountain in Dali is known as ‘the famous four mountains in Yunnan. And it has the reputation as ‘the Beauty of Yunnan’. In Han Dynasty, people began to develop Xiu Mountain. They built temple, pavilion, and garden. In Yuan, […]

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Ailao Mountain

On September 1, 2011, in Mountain Areas, Nature Scenery, Waterfalls & Pools, Yunnan, by Jack Li

Having an elevation of 2080 to 3166m, Ailao Mountain is the interface of 5 counties in Yuxi.  The grand and Smoke-filled Mountain contains a lot of ancient rare plant species.  It is also called as Gene Pool, Animals’ Kingdom and Forest Sea.  In summer, the whole mountain resembles a jade palace; in winter, it changes […]

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Travel Tips

On September 1, 2011, in Accomodation, Mountain Areas, Tours, Travel Info, Yunnan, by Jack Li

The altitude of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is so high that it is necessary for tourists to rent down jackets when the wind is strong. You’d better not rent it at places where provide green cars, which is more expensive than that on the mountain, taking 30 yuan as rental and 300 yuan as deposit […]

Kala Patter

On September 1, 2011, in Adventure Trip, Mountain Areas, Nature Scenery, Yunnan, by Jack Li

There are modern maritime glaciers and Snow Sea distributing on Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, which is the nearest to the equator on Eurasia. The snow mountain has completen tyes of glaciers, where grows 19 modern glaciers and occupies 11.61 square kilometers. The “No 1 Baishui” is the most qualified glacier with the best touring condition […]

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

On September 1, 2011, in Adventure Trip, Mountain Areas, Must-sees, Tips & Ideas, Yunnan, by Jack Li

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is located in Yulong Naxi autonomous county, 15 kilometers away from Lijiang city, with the height of 5596 meters. It is a national 5A level scenic site as well as a natural reserve of Yunan Province. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is rich in travelling resources. The landscapes can be divided into […]

Golden Mountain and Li Six Bridges

On August 30, 2011, in Guilin, Mountain Areas, Nature Scenery, by Jack Li

Golden Mountain At the back of village committee of Shuangquan Village in Yangdi Town, there is a mountain made of four hilltops that called “Golden Mountain”. It is said that villagers can pick up “gold” on the mountain all the year round. As to the origin of the name of the mountain, there exist two […]

Golden Pheasant Mountain and Moonlight Island

On August 30, 2011, in Beaches, Guilin, Mountain Areas, Nature Scenery, Rivers & Gorges, by Jack Li

Golden Pheasant Mountain In the north of the village, there is a mountain like a rooster pecking grains off the ground. While in the east of the village, there is White Tiger Mountain. The waterfall runs down from the mountain, like the silver pearls spreading on the river, therefore comes the saying “golden pheasant pecking […]



On August 30, 2011, in Mountain Areas, Tibet, Yunnan, by Jack Li

Shangri-La’ is from Tibetan Language. It means ‘the moon and the sun of heart’. In the novel The Lost Horizon, written by American novelist James·Hilton, it described that ‘the first place, the sun shining on, is Jiantang in the Orient; the fairyland in the world is Shangri-La, near the Naizi River’. Countless people’s hearts are […]

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Wuling Mountain Travel Tips

On August 26, 2011, in Beijing, Mountain Areas, Other Regions, Tours, Travel Info, by Jack Li

Wuling Mountain nature reserve pays attention to forest ecosystem protection and wildlife protection. The visiting zone is in the protection area and experiment area. Visitors can go for sightseeing, do the scientific research and activities at the designated place. Except the designed places, people are not allowed to go enter the other places of the […]

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