Changping Ditch

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The Fourth Girl Mountain consists of three ditches and one mountain. The Shuangqiao Ditch is the only ditch you can tour it by car. The Shuangqiao Ditch is famous for sightseeing tour; the Haizi Ditch is famous for adventure tours; the Fourth Girl Mountain is famous for climbing; the Changping Ditch is famous for ecotourism. […]

Haizi Ditch

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The Haizi Ditch is 19.2 kilometers long. Its total area is 126.48 square kilometers. In the ditch have over ten lakes. The lakes are so clean that you can see the bottoms of the lakes. The lakes reflect the beautiful colors of the blue sky, white clouds and green mountains. The fishes in the lakes […]

The First Girl Mountain

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Located in the Four Girls Mountains Scene spot in Xiaojin county of Sichuan province, the First Girl Mountain is one of the four sisters.   It has an altitude of 5355m.  Lower than 4000m, bush forest, wild flowers, yaks and horses can be found everywhere.  If you areluck enough, you will find the fresh wild mushrooms […]

Four Girls Mountains

On September 5, 2011, in Mountain Areas, Must-sees, Nature Scenery, Sichuan, by Jack Li

Four Girls Mountains is situated in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang region. It consists of four ice-covered mountains, which resemble four beautiful girls who wore white veils. And the youngest girl is slim with a graceful posture. When people mention the Four Girls Mountains, it usually refers to the youngest girl mountain. The local Tibetans worship the Four Girls Mountains, because it was said […]

Qingcheng Mountain Travel Tips

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Qingcheng (Green City) Mountain has 36 peaks which stand in a circle like the city walls. The trees on the mountain are thick and shady, which gives to the name Qingcheng. The Mountain covers 120km2 with an area of 1522m2 under special protection. The climate here is mild and pleasant with a year-round temperature of […]

Lao Tse Halln and Natural Picture Pavilion

On September 5, 2011, in Historical Relics, Mountain Areas, Popular Provinces, Sichuan, by Jack Li

Lao Tse Hall Lao Tse Hall is located on the summit of Qingcheng Mountain towering over 1600m into the sky. The Hall has six floors covering 400m2. The base of the building is square and the top is round suggesting the traditional idea “heaven is round and the earth square”. Every floor has eight protruding […]

Jianfu Palace

On September 5, 2011, in Historical Relics, Mountain Areas, Palaces, Sichuan, by Jack Li

Jianfu Palace is currently located on the foot of Zhangren Peak of Qingcheng Mountain in Sichuan Province. This palace was built in the year 724 A.D. or the Kaiyuan 12th year in Tang Dynasty and at that time its name was Zhangren Temple. Up to this day, there are only two courtyards and three halls […]

Qingcheng Mountain

Located in south-west of Dujiangyan City, Sichuan Province, the Qingcheng Mountain is 68 km far away from Chengdu (the capital of Sichuan) and only 16 km away from Dujiangyan. The original name of this mountain is Zhangren Mountain which is one of the branches of Qionglai Mountains. The main peak measures 1260 m in height […]

Oriental Buddha City Gallery

On September 5, 2011, in Mountain Areas, Parks & Gardens, Sichuan, Towers, Pagodas & Grottoes, by Jack Li

Oriental Buddha City Gallery, an archaized stone Buddha statues theme park, is situated among Leshan Giant Buddha Mountains. Combining the art of religion, sculpture and gardening, Oriental Buddha City Gallery is an extension and important part of Leshan Giant Buddha scenic zone. Oriental Buddha City Gallery was open to public in 1994. It covers an […]

Mount Moon Travel Tips

On September 2, 2011, in Activities, Chinese Towns & Villages, Guilin, Mountain Areas, Tours, Travel Info, by Jack Li

Mount Moon is a perfect place for mountain-climbing. The Hole in Mount Moon, the Horn-like Hill, the Rock Hill, the Cat Emerging Hill, and the Butterfly Spring compose a classical route for mountain-climbing. The Hole in Mount Moon is a 20-meter-high and 30-meter-long natural arch bridge. Many good climbers have visited there. If you want […]

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