Dragon and Tiger Mountain in Jiangxi Province

Are you interested in Taoism? Or do you simply want to see fantastic sceneries and experience a little bit of Chinese culture? Then don’t miss out to visit Longhu shan in Jiangxi Province during your travel in China.   Longhu shan which means Dragon and Tiger Mountain is located in Jiangxi province and has a […]


Zheduo mountain and Tibetan prayer flags

Especially for those who don’t get the chance to travel to Tibet, the Zheduo Mountain (Zhéduō Shān, 折多山) is a perfect place to get some Tibetan impressions. But be prepared for a strong and freezing wind even during summer time.     The Zheduo Mountain lies behind Kanding. If you stay in Kanding when traveling […]


Nice photos of “the hidden” China.

During your China trip you will probably find lots of nice places, but there are places barely visited by tourists that are worth just for it’s pure beauty, as they are from quite isolated places it may be a bit difficult to include them in your Chinese Tour but nothing is impossible! This first photo […]

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Vertigo at Huashan Mount

Advice to enthusiasts intent on taking on Mont Huashan on calf-power: don’t take the ascent lightly, you’ll need a good dose of humility and courage if you want to come out unscathed. The Huashan Mount is one of the 5 sacred mountains of China, this is definitely a place to go for your China travel […]

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Cuandixia Village, A Ming Dynasty Treasure

If you are searching for a Beijing tour that provides an exclusive look into ancient Chinese living, then a trip to Cuandixia is just what you need. This is one of the treasured places in China travel where you can feel as if you have truly gone back in time. Only a short ride away […]

Dazhushan Mountain Travel Tips

On September 9, 2011, in Adventure Trip, Mountain Areas, Nature Scenery, Qingdao, Tours, by Jack Li

Ever since the Stone Gate Temple was built, people hold “mountain gathering” every year in Dazhushan Mountain. On April 8th of the lunar calendar each year, people show up in the Stone Gate Temple for a visit, to pray, or to do some shopping or selling. On this day, the smoke of incense hovers in […]

Stone Gate Temple

On September 9, 2011, in Historical Relics, Mountain Areas, Qingdao, Temples, by Jack Li

Stone Gate Temple is situated in the mountains on the north of the main height Dazhaiding Mountain. It is called Stone Gate Temple because it uses two gigantic stones as the temple gate. It was built in 1166 and it used to consist of the Great Buddha’s Hall, Heavenly King’s Hall, Bell Tower, Drum Tower […]

Qifeng Yishi

On September 9, 2011, in Cool Places, Mountain Areas, Nature Scenery, Qingdao, by Jack Li

Qifeng Yishi means “strange-shaped boulders and rocks.” If you drive along 204 National Road past Dazhushan Mountain, you will see on the southern slope of the mountain a stone turtle climbing towards the peak. Legend has it that it used to be the gold turtle kept in the Yaochi Pool of the Queen Mother of […]

Mayi Nunnery

On September 9, 2011, in China Attractions, Mountain Areas, Nature Scenery, Qingdao, by Jack Li

If you walk uphill from the Stone Gate Stream to the Mayi Mountain, you will see the ruins of Mayi Nunnery before your eyes. According to record, hermits of the old times had stayed here. In the cliff behind the nunnery there is a delicately made stone chamber with an arch door of two metres […]

Zhushan Xiugu

On September 9, 2011, in Activities, Adventure Trip, Mountain Areas, Nature Scenery, Qingdao, by Jack Li

Zhushan Xiugu means “the elegant valley of the mountains.” It lies on the eastern slope of Dazhushan Mountain and is more than one and a half miles long. At the bottom of the valley, a stream flows through and pours into the artificial lake at the foot of the mountain. Walking along the bank of […]

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