Penglai, Where the Immortals Live

Penglai, Where the Immortals Live This is the Olympus in China. Penglai, Yantai, Shandong province is the place where the eight immortals cross the ocean in ancient Chinese myth. Penglai doesn’t enjoy this reputation for no reason. Located on north end of Shandong peninsula, this is city is usually in mysterious mist and its wonder of […]


A Brief Introduction of Some Famous Scenic Spots in Shandong Province

On May 14, 2015, in Beaches, China Attractions, Lakes, Mountain Areas, Shandong, Travel Info, by Kate Liu

Laoshan Mountain Laoshan Mountain (in Shandong Province), once was named as AoShan Mountain and other different names. Different historic records had different notes about it. Like the native old saying, “Though clouds in Mount Tai are high in the sky, they cannot compare with those in Laoshan Mountain in the East”. It is said that […]


Which Beach do You Prefer along the Long Coast Line in Shandong?

On May 8, 2015, in Beaches, Islands, Nature Scenery, Qingdao, Shandong, Tours, by Kate Liu

Which Beach do You Prefer along the long Coast Line in Shandong? Shandong peninsula penetrates far into the Pacific Ocean. Along the long coast, there are various beaches offering different equipment and scenery for your different requirement. Which one among them is you favorite? After reading this blog, you can choose one as your destination […]


Xiamen, the Egrets Island

On September 13, 2013, in Beaches, China Attractions, Cool Places, Islands, Must-sees, Nature Scenery, Other Regions, by Jack Li

Visit one of China’s most attractive cities – Xiamen! This beautiful coastal city is known for its scenery and tree-lined beaches.  Especially nature lovers will enjoy Xiamen’s Botanical Garden and the vehicle free atmosphere on the neighboring island Gulangyu. Lot of Chinese travel to Xiamen and spend some days in the city. There are direct […]


Qingdao and the International Beer Festival

Have you been to the beach in China? Want to experience German flair in a Chinese city and taste a nice cold beer? Then you should for sure take a flight to Qingdao and visit this beautiful city! Especially in August Qingdao is worth to visit as the city holds every year its international beer […]


Under The Sea in Dalian

On July 2, 2012, in Adventure Trip, Beaches, Cultural Experience, Must-sees, Transportation, by Jack Li

Many people from China and the west have heard of Dalian which is famous as the Hong Kong of Northern China. Being a coastal city it is obvious that Dalian has some sea wildlife in the ocean next to it but what is not known by many who do not study ocean biodiversity is how […]

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Stoked For Haikou! It Might Just Be Better Than Hawaii!

On June 28, 2012, in Adventure Trip, Beaches, China Attractions, Festivals, Transportation, by Jack Li

Haikou is the capital city of Hainan Province with a population of 2,046,189. It has abundant amount of tourist destinations and historical Sites. Located on the northern edge of the Torrid Zone, Haikou has many sea beach scenic spots, like Jiari Beach, Baishamen Beach, Xixiu Beach. This city is apropriatly names “Mouth of the Sea”. […]


Pearl Beach

On September 5, 2011, in Beaches, Lakes, Nature Scenery, Popular Provinces, Sichuan, by Jack Li

Located in the Jiuzhai Valley Scene Spot of Sichuan province, the PearlBeach is about 0.5km far from the downstream of Huashi Sea.  The beach is full of sags and crests and overgrowing with various kinds of bushes.  Seen from far away, the twinkling droplets which splash from the calcified beach resemble pearls in a huge […]

The Second Bathing Beach

On September 2, 2011, in Activities, Beaches, More Cities, Qingdao, by Jack Li

The Second Bathing Beach, also known as “the Taiping Bay Beach”, is located next to the Huashi Villa in the Badaguan Convalescence Area, along the Taiping Bay. The bathing beach was developed by the German governor of Qingdao in the Republican period of China, when Qingdao was a colony of Germany. After the People’s Republic […]

Golden Pheasant Mountain and Moonlight Island

On August 30, 2011, in Beaches, Guilin, Mountain Areas, Nature Scenery, Rivers & Gorges, by Jack Li

Golden Pheasant Mountain In the north of the village, there is a mountain like a rooster pecking grains off the ground. While in the east of the village, there is White Tiger Mountain. The waterfall runs down from the mountain, like the silver pearls spreading on the river, therefore comes the saying “golden pheasant pecking […]

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