Baihujian Scenic Zone Travel Tips

Lying in Yangfang Town, Changping Distrist, Baihujian scenic zone is to the north of Phoenix Ridge. It is over 20 miles away from downtown Beijing. With a total area of 4,600,000 square meters, the toppest peak in the zone is 850 meters high. Baihujian scenic zone is one of eight most attractive views in Changping […]

Guan City

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Guan City has east and west gates. The west wall was piled by ten floors of moorstones underneath and large bricks on the above. The wall is 20 meters width, 17 meters thick, 7.8 meters hight. On the top is a rectangular stage covers 180.17 square meters with longth of 19.8 meters and width of […]


Kashgar, “in between the West and the East”

Located close to the southwest border of the Xinjiang, it is the extreme west of China, famous for its connection purpose between two branches of the ancient Silk Road, the road from Eastern and Central China branches out to both the north and south of the Taklamakan Desert. The locals are characterized by a blend […]

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Turpan, “the western aspect of China”

The city is situated on the north-central Uygur of Xinjiang, northwest China. It is located almost 112 miles southeast of the city Urumqi (3 hours by train), on the northern border of the deep depression between the Bogda Mountains. It is very difficult to get to this remote place; the best suggestion is to book […]

A peaceful ancient town—Xitang

China is a country with a very long history and its demos have been always rich in wisdom that they designed such beautiful architecture and they have taken a good reservation for the historic relic. As a result ,China tour is famous for its historical and cultural heritage also for its wonderful natural scenery,such as […]

Huangyao Acient Town

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Recent years,with more and more China films introduced into all over the world or foreign films shoot in China,there are an increasing number of foreign felt the fantastic view in China and want to book a China Flight and have a exciting China tour. Huangyao is an ancient water town that has been relatively unknown until Hollywood […]

Ancient Town-Zhouzhuang

Ancient town is always a good choice when choosing a China Tour. As we have known ,     there are many beautiful ancient towns in China ,among whicn Zhouzhuang has been considered as one of  the most beautiful towns.And it is the cradle of the Wudi culture. Not only the wonderful views can you enjoy, you […]

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Fenghuang, an ancient town in Hunan province

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If you feel in a fret or stressful ,you can book a fight of China Southern Airlines and have China Tours to Fenghuang ,Hunan where you can clam down yourself ,but you should avoiding going there in labor Day or National Day or other important Festivals. Fenghuang has wonderful natural landscapes,it’s very hot for travelling […]

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The Most Beautiful Countyside in China—WUYUAN

On April 13, 2011, in Chinese Towns & Villages, Other Regions, Restaurants & Food, Tours, by Jack Li

When you come to china travel, you may be tired the tours in the big cities, such as Shanghai Tours, Beijing Tours and Shenzhen Tours. If you want to releave youself, you can go Wuyuuan. It is a best place to enjoy the nature and the ancient china. Wuyuan County is located at the northeast […]

Cuandixia Village

On April 12, 2011, in Adventure Trip, Chinese Towns & Villages, Historical Relics, by Jack Li

If you are looking for a change of scenery during the upcoming Labor Day , but not far from Beijing, so just come to a Beijing Tour without considering China Airline and follow your compass west out to the Ming Dynasty village of Cuandixia. Tucked into the curved base of a mountain range, sitting some […]

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