Yang Causeway Travel tips

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Yang Causeway is the setting sail dock for pleasure boats in the Lijiang River. Scenery of this area is the essence of wonderful scenery in the Lijiang River scenic spot. Besides the beautiful landscape, ridges and peaks, waterfalls, flowers and trees and waterside cottages are all attractive for tourists. There stands a mountain in the […]

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Yang Causeway

County of Yang Causeway is in the northern part of Yangshuo County. The government is located on the dyke Yang Causeway, which is 39 kilometers way from the county and 50 kilometers away from Guilin City, accounting for 102.8 square kilometers. The one-hundred-mile Lijiang River with “one mountain, one river and one poem” is like […]

Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon (Yarlung Zangbo Daxiagu)

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The Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon (simplified Chinese: 雅鲁藏布大峡谷; pinyin: Yǎlǔzàngbù Dàxiágǔ) or simply the Tsangpo Canyon or Tsangpo Gorge, is the longest and widest canyon the world. There is the most beautiful mounta in in China —-Namcha Barwa Peak. Also there are four cataracts with waterfalls between 30 to 50 metres. In the Yarlung Zangbo […]


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Situated on the northwest of Yunnan Plateau, Diqing is known as its coldness.  However, Benzilan, located on the way to Meili Mountain, is famous for its hotness.  When Diqing snows heavily in winter, the weather in Benzilan is blazing as a summer.  In Tibetan, Benzilan means beautiful sandbank.  Lying on the west bank of Jinsha […]

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Olive Dam

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In Thai language Olive Dam (Ganlanba) means “Meng Han”, and Han has the meaning of roll something up. The legend holds it that once when the Shakyamuni Buddha came to Olive Dam to sermon, his followers spread cotton cloth on the ground to welcome him. After he walked away, they rolled up the cloth, and […]

Museum of China Wang

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China Wang’s Museum is located in the Hongmen Bao architecture complex of Wang’s Grand Courtyard, which is in Lingshi County of Shanxi Province. Wang’s Grand Courtyard now covers an area of 3500 square meters and it’s the only museum of Wang’s family culture at home and broad. There are 261 kinds of Wang’s family trees […]

Red Door Village

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The whole structure of Red Door Village buildings is like a city, leaning upon a tall slope from bottom to top, sitting north and embracing south. In a shape of rectangle, the buildings’ walls are standing upright, with the highest part reaching 28 meters. There are 88 yards, 776 rooms in the village, taking an […]

Chinese Folk Forbidden City- Grand Courtyard of Wang

Wang’s Grand Courtyard is in the Jingsheng County which is 12 kilometers to the east of Lingshi County in Shanxi Province. Wang’s Grand Courtyard is the master of the buildings in Qing Dynasty. It is built by descendants of Wang in Taiyuan, one of the four families of Lingshi County and finished successively during Kangxi, […]

Sudong Water Cave

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Sudong Water Cave, also known as Dark Rock and Dragon Palace, is located in Sudong Village, 7.5 km away from Guanyang County. It is a rare, expansive, 25-meter deep water cave. A buried river runs through the bottom, earning the cave the title, “Most Spectacular Water Cave.” The stalactites in the cave are well preserved […]

Qifeng Cave

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Qifeng Cave is located 5 kilometers to the northwest of Stone Cave, surrounded by the stone forest and stange peaks in the east of Maan Mountain, which is in the edge of Beida Village and Shui Tangpu. The stone peaks have various shapes and distinguishing features, some looks like litten torches on the Torch Festival […]

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