Qingcheng Mountain

Located in south-west of Dujiangyan City, Sichuan Province, the Qingcheng Mountain is 68 km far away from Chengdu (the capital of Sichuan) and only 16 km away from Dujiangyan. The original name of this mountain is Zhangren Mountain which is one of the branches of Qionglai Mountains. The main peak measures 1260 m in height […]

Lingbao Tower

Lingbao Tower was named after Mount Lingbao on whose top it stands. It was built in the Song Dynasty and was repaired several times in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The tower is a 38-metre-high square pyramidal brick structure of thirteen stories tapering from bottom to top. Inside there are in fact only five stories. […]

Jiuzhai Valley

Situated in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Nationality autonomous area, JiuzhaiValley is one of the most famous spot in Sichuan province. Being composed of nine villages is the reason why it is known as Jiuzhai (Nine Villages) Valley.  It is said that the god who was in charge of vegetation owned nine brave, kind and […]

Mount Moon Travel Tips

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Mount Moon is a perfect place for mountain-climbing. The Hole in Mount Moon, the Horn-like Hill, the Rock Hill, the Cat Emerging Hill, and the Butterfly Spring compose a classical route for mountain-climbing. The Hole in Mount Moon is a 20-meter-high and 30-meter-long natural arch bridge. Many good climbers have visited there. If you want […]

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Jiuxian Village

Jiuxian Village is a famous attraction alongside the Yulong River which was built 1400 years ago. During the period of the forth year of Tang Wude to the first year of Zhenguan (621A.D.-627A.D.), this place was called Guiyi County. The most interesting and attractive view of Jiuxian Village is the ancient hamlets and folk houses, […]

Zhou Village

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Zhou Village is a small village. What is worth of visiting is the limpid Yulong River that flows through the entrance of the village. In addtion, a stone arch bridge stands on the river surface that is less than ten meters wide. The bridge has a history of over 200 years, being the first ancient […]

Yulong River

In the ancient time, Yulong River was called “Peaceful Water”, but because of the famous Yulong Bridge” its name was changed into Yulong River. The river originates from Bainian Mountain in Lingui County, through Jinbao Village, Grape Town, Baisha Town, New Yangshuo Town and Gaotian Village, and finally meets Jinbao River at Qinge crossing and […]

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Yuxi Travel Tips

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‘The emerald of China is Yunnan; the diamond of Yunnan is Yuxi’. Yuxi is the hometown of the famous Chinese musician Nieer. It is the source of Hongta Mountain. And it also is called as the Watertown in plateau. Best Time to Visit Yuxi The beat time to visit Yuxi is summer and autumn. Most […]

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Yingyue Lake

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Yingyue Lake Leisure Cultural Center is situated in ‘the No. 1 Village in Yunnan’ – Da Yingjie which is at the downstream of Yuxi River. Nine streams flow to Da Yingjie. It was said that this place could bring people luck and happiness. Yingyue Lake Leisure Cultural Center is composed of Yingyue Lake Spring, Yingyue […]

Yuzi Paradise

Yuzi Paradise is situated in the Dabu Village of the Yanshan District in Guilin. It is a large-scale landscape art park established in 1998 by Cao Rizhang, an entrepreneur from Taiwan. The park includes 533 hectares of enchanting mountain and lake scenery dotted with marvelous artworks featuring sculptures and cave-carving works. Exhibitions, contests, and seminars […]

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