Jingjiang Mansion

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Surrounded by the Guangxi Normal University, JingjiangMansion is situated at the foot of “DuxiuFeng” (a mountain peak lays in the center of Guilin). Because it served as a residence to the Emperor Zhu Youlang when he fled from his capital, the mansion was also called “Imperial City”.  In 1370, Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang appointed his grandnephew […]

Qi Wang Hall

Facing south and located inside Jingshan Gate of Beijing, Qi Wang Hall is at the base of the sunny face of Jingshan Mountain. This building was built in 1750, the 15th year of Emperor Qianlong’s reign during the Qing Dynasty. With yellow glazed roof tiling and multiple eaves, Qi Wang Hall is five rooms wide […]

Royal Cultural Zone

The Royal Cultural Zone is famous for the Ziyun Mansion, which is a national landmark building. The magnificent Ziyun Mansion shows that the authorities of the Tang Dynasty (618–907) were very strong, powerful and solid. According to records, the Ziyun Mansion was built in the 14th  year during the Kaiyuan Era. Every time when the […]

Ancient Town Daxu Tranvel Tips

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Built in 200 A.D, the Ancient Town Daxu (big embankment) is one of the very four oldest embankment towns in Guangxi. The old street in the town measures about 2 km along the river bank of Lijiang River. Ancient houses were well preserved, standing by the side of the road paved with blue flagstone. Best […]

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Ancient Town Daxu

On August 12, 2011, in Ancient Houses & Courtyards, Chinese Towns & Villages, Guilin, by Jack Li

Ancient Town Daxu is located 18km southeast of Guilin City and 30km away from Lingchuan County. Situated on the north shore of Lijiang River’s midstream, it is an ancient town with rich traditions. Historical records hold that the construction started in Song Dynasty, bloomed in Qing Dynasty and reached its peak at the Republican period […]

Dali Old City

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Dali Old City is called Yeyu for short; the altenate name is Zi City. The present Dali Old City was bulit in the 15th year of Hongwu Emperor’s region in Ming Dynasty (A.D. 1382). Dali Old City has a cover of twelve miles; the city wall is 8.34 meters tall and 6.66 meters thick. There […]

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Yangshuo West Street

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Yangshuo West Street is located in the south of Guilin, 63 kilometers away from the urban district. YangShuo is one of earliest confirmed state-level scenic spots in China. It is the most beautiful town at the bank of the Lijiang River, with a history of over 2000 years. Yangshuo compares favorably with Guilin, attracting a […]

Garden of Ten Thousand Spring Seasons

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The Garden of Ten Thousand Spring Seasons was originally the official mansion of Yin Prinz, and then to scholar Fu Heng. It was constructed in the latter years of Kangxi Emperor and transformed into Imperial Garden in the 35 years of Qianlong, named Elegant Spring Garden. Initially the area did not include the western east […]

Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall

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Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall was built in 1984. It consists of a row of bungalows facing south, built during the rule of the Qing dynasty. It covers an area of 3000 square meters, with ​​300 square meters’ constructive area. The memorial hall houses the main collection of artifacts associated with the life of Cao Xueqin, […]

Guan City

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Guan City has east and west gates. The west wall was piled by ten floors of moorstones underneath and large bricks on the above. The wall is 20 meters width, 17 meters thick, 7.8 meters hight. On the top is a rectangular stage covers 180.17 square meters with longth of 19.8 meters and width of […]

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