Jingsheng Literature Temple

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Jingsheng Literature TempleIt has distinct northern feature and can compare favourably with literature temples in counties. Get out of Wang’s Grand Courtyard, pass by the parking lot, you can see the beautiful Kuixing Tower of Jingsheng Literature Temle in the south of the courtyard. Screen wall, Lingxing Gate, Dacheng Gate, Dacheng Hall, Qin Hall and […]

Red Door Village

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The whole structure of Red Door Village buildings is like a city, leaning upon a tall slope from bottom to top, sitting north and embracing south. In a shape of rectangle, the buildings’ walls are standing upright, with the highest part reaching 28 meters. There are 88 yards, 776 rooms in the village, taking an […]

Gao Cliff

On August 26, 2011, in Ancient Houses & Courtyards, Popular Provinces, Shanxi, by Jack Li

Gao’s Cliff began to be built in the first year of Jiaqing Emperor (1796) and finished in the sixteenth year of Jiaqing Emperor (1811), which takes almost 20 years. The building accounts for 11728 square meters, with 26 courtyards and 218 rooms. It is constructed by the seventeenth generation of Wang family, Wang Rucong and […]

Chinese Folk Forbidden City- Grand Courtyard of Wang

Wang’s Grand Courtyard is in the Jingsheng County which is 12 kilometers to the east of Lingshi County in Shanxi Province. Wang’s Grand Courtyard is the master of the buildings in Qing Dynasty. It is built by descendants of Wang in Taiyuan, one of the four families of Lingshi County and finished successively during Kangxi, […]

Qiao’s Grand Courtyard Travel Tips

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Shanxi is a province which is always known for its abundant relics and underground energy.  Recently, constant discoveries of traditional residences make Shanxi become the world’s focus again.  These exquisite and intact courtyards are good resources for the historians to research the brilliant history and civilization of Jin and Shang dynasties.  Depending on intelligence and […]

Qiao s Grand Courtyard

Qiao’s Grand Courtyard is situated in Qiaojiabao Village in Qi County, Shanxi Province. It is 54 kilometers far from Taiyuan and only 2 kilometers from the Dongguan Town. Qiao’s Grand Courtyard is also known as Zaizhongtang. It is the house of Qiao Zhiyong who is a famous commercial finance capitalist in Qing Dynasty. It was […]

Fairy Courtyard

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The history of Fairy Courtyard stems as far back as 900 years. During Ming and Qing dynasty, many people visited it and poets left a number of masterpieces. However due to natural disasters and wars, the old temple was destroyed in early years. It was not until 1991, that the Yanqing government decided to repair […]

The Ancient City of Lijiang Travel Tips

Best Seasons to visit the Ancient City of Lijiang The Climate in Lijiang is mild all the year round, except July and August. Because it rains a lot, the weather in Lijiang at that period of time will be quiet cold. Generally speaking, you only need to wear a T-shirt during the day time, and […]

The Ancient City of Lijiang

The Ancient City of Lijiang is situated on the upper reaches of Jinshajiang River and is hometown to the Qiang people and the Naxi people. The City, 2,400 metres above sea level, is the central city of the Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County. Its rich history, vivid culture and gorgeous natural scenery make it one of […]

Royal Residence

On August 22, 2011, in Ancient Houses & Courtyards, Guilin, Historical Relics, by Jack Li

In the fifth year of Hongwu (1372AD), the construction of Jingjiang Royal Residence under the Solitary Beauty Peak began. It was accomplished in the twenty- fifth year of Hongwu. At that time, the government limited the size of the buildings. The Residence consists of the Luck Receiving Gate, the Luck Receiving Palace, a chamber and […]

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