When the first snow falls in November, Heilongjiang is entering its most charming season. Ice & snow sculptures, snow skiing, snow covered landscape and etc, Heilongjiang in winter is like a pure fairyland composed of ice and snow. Traveling along the route Harbin-Yabuli-Snow Village, you might have the best winter experience in China.



When winter falls in this river-side city, Harbin becomes a world of ice and snow sculpture art. No matter going to Ice and Snow World theme park, the Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo, or Ice Lantern Show in Zhaolin Park, all of these choice will offer you the essence of ice and snow culture of this city.

Along the riverside of River Songhuajiang, the Ice and Snow World appears like overnight when winter comes. It is described as the Disney Land in a snow world: magnificent ice castle, which is recognized as the largest ice architecture according to the Guinness Book of World Records, vivid ice sculpture, thrilling ice slides, play ground for curling and skating. When night falls, the pure white world becomes a colorful world in neon. It is worth mentioning that there are several lounges with heating installation for visitors to have a hot drink and take a rest.

The Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo is definitely an eye feast for snow sculptures. Every year the snow sculpture artists from Canada, France, Finland, Russia and etc will come here for competition and bring their best works. This year the snow sculpture art expo will last from Dec. 24, 2014 till Feb. 28, 2017 with the theme of Love Stories in Winter.


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Yabuli, a village 190 km from Harbin, is known as Davos in China, which is famous for its world-class ski field. Yabuli Olympic Sports Center and Sunshine Resort are the outstanding representatives of Yabuli ski field. Here you could experience the longest mountain ski run in Asia and various ski runs such as cross-country ski run. You could take a train from Harbin East Railway Station to Yabuli South Railway Station, which locates just in the ski resort area. It takes you only 3 hours to get there. You can also drive to Yabuli within 3 hours. If you are a new learner of skiing, elementary ski runs are prepared for you and you can also hire a private ski couch for instruction. All of the ski resorts have good infrastructure. You can rent ski equipment with affordable price.



Snow Village

Snow Village is a nick name for Shuangfeng Forest Farm, Mudanjiang City which is 3 and a half hour’s driving from Harbin. Snow Village has the largest snowfall in China with a long snow period of more than 7 months. The snowfall there could reach around 100 cm. With everything covered in thick snow, the houses look like mushroom or cupcake, and the whole village turns into a fairyland. When night falls, the red lanterns are lit along both side of the street which composes the most authentic scenery of northern China countryside. The best time of visiting Snow Village is from late December till early March. In late December the newly fallen snow is perfect for taking photography and in late March the temperature is a litter bit warm for outdoor activities. If necessary, you could also choose to avoid peak season of Spring Festival vacation. There are various snow-themed activities to take part in: skiing, trekking through the snow valley, driving sleigh and etc.


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