1. Replace bottled water for thermal mug, since the bottled water will be probably frozen outdoors.
  2. The lithium-ion battery of cell phone and digital camera will diminished its ability in low temperature conditions. Therefore you need to put digital camera in the camera pad with self heating pad in it. For your mobile phone, you need to put it in the pocket inside your coat.
  3. After long-time use of camera in low temperature, you need to seal it into a plastic bag when going indoors and reopen it when the moisture outside the bag disappears.
  4. The normal shoes are not anti-slip, and what you need is a pair of anti-slip snow boots to gain warmness and stability. In addition, you need wear a pair of sunglasses to prevent snow blindness. If you want to go skiing, it is advisable to wear a windproof jacket. As for the ski goggles, there is no need to buy one, and most of the ski resort can provide the rental service of them.
  5. The best time of visiting Heilongjiang is from middle November to the late March of next year.
  6. The cuisines in Heilongjiang restaurants are usually served in large portion, therefore you don’t have to order too much.
  7. When living in the countryside of Heilongjiang, you may have the chance to sleep in the bed with bed stove (which is pronounced as “Kang” in Chinese, like the European ceramic stove to retain heat). If you feel dry and overheat, you need to drink more water and increase the moisture of the room.
  8. The hard rime-covered tree is a rarely-seen scenery. The secret of capturing this natural wonder is to choose a day which doesn’t have too much sunshine or too strong wind. The glistening world is definitely worth your waiting.


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