How to use“i-xihu”?

On June 3, 2016, in China Travel Gossip, by Kate Liu

First, you should make sure that your cellphone supports WiFi connection. Second, find an option of “settings” and click “WiFi”. Then, you will see “i-xilu” in the list. After clicking it, you will see two input boxes for your cellphone number and Internet password. There is an option of getteing passward. Input your cellphong number here and click this button. After a whle, you will receive a message with an internet passward. Now input the passward and i-xihu is avaliable for you.


A stuff in West Lake scenic area introduced that, “Though i-xihu has adopted the most advanced equipment, as a pilot project, if you have any advice, welcome you call us. The telephone number is 0571-87179609. We will send your feedback to our administrative department so as to improve our service. ”


In different areas, the signal of i-xihu differs. For your convience, I have collected some experience from a great many Internet users for your reference,


Yue Fei Temple: the signal in the area is gerally good. Mobile browser, QQ, We-Chat and even downloading APPS are avaliable. There are in total 13 wireless access points, each of which could enable 40 people to use it. Besides, Yue Fei Temple launched a new APP— Shadow Company. Inside Yue Fei Temple, only if you scan QR code, you could tour the temple under the phonic guide of Shadow Company.


Beishan Road: there are 9 wireless access points and the whole area enable about 360 people use the Internet at the same time. The signal in the Night of Beishan is best and outside this area it much weaker. The signal locations are set in the monitoring posts. More close to it, the signal will be stronger. The signal is much influenced by the number of users, weather and environment. So if you are lucky, you can search out WiFi signal near Bai Causeway.


Lingyincuiwei Garden: the internet speed is fast. At a distance of 150 meters to the gate of Zhenglai Mount, you can search out WiFi signal but the signal is weak.


Children’s Park: the internet signal is strong, expecially nearby square and amusement area while the signal is weak at the back of the mountain.



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