Chengjiang Biota

Chengjiang Biota located in Yunnan Chengjiang Tianmaoshan,the intact early Cambrian paleontological fossil. It covers 16 categories and over 200 species fossil.She reeppeared the magnificent landscape and the original characteristics of living animals vividly Marine life 530 million years ago.It provides the theoretical evidence for the study of earth’s early time for the 53.7 million life origin, evolution, and ecology and so on.It listed in to the World heritage on July 1st2012.

Yuan on all site

The yuan dynasty capital city ruins located in Xilin Gol League of Inner Mongolia,about 20 kilometre beside the Plain Blue Banner and the north bank of Shandin river. The city as the wonderful combination of central plains farming culture and the nomadic culture was named beauty as Pompeii of Itally created by the northern horseriding ethnic..It listed in to the World heritage on July 29th2012.

Hangzhou West Lake Culture landscape

The Hangzhou West Lake Culture landscape located in Zhejinag Province,it covers an area of 3322.88 hectares.The landscape adhering the principle ‘unity of hraven and human’and became more and more perfect during the 10 centuries. It became a landscape of abundant element,unique design,long history and dignified culture.It listed in to the list on June24th 2011.

China Danxia

Danxia landform is a special landform that has unique geomorphic feature and the red soil.Someone call it ‘rosiness cloud’or ‘crimson sunglow’.It mainly consist of red malmstone and conglomerate ad shows the surrounding of oxidation of continental lake basin deposition in the dry climate.It listed in to the list on August 1st2010.

Songshan ‘heaven and earth’the ancient building group

“Heaven and earth”contain the Shaolin temple buildings,the eastern han dynasty three que,Zhongyue temple,pagoda in songyue temple,the temple in Huishan,Songyang academy land star observation platform. It go through Han,Wei, Tang,Song,Yan,Ming,Qing and is a building has the longest history,the most style,the abundant culture building.It listed in to the list on August 1st2010.


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