Shanxi Mount Wutai

Mount Wutai is and the moung Putuo, mount Jiuhua and Mount Emei named as ‘ China’s four famous mountains of Buddhism’.The gold Wutai,silver Emei,copper Putuo and iron Jiuhua.It named the five buddhist holy land i the world same as the Nepal,Lumbini Garden,India,Sarnath,BodhGaya and Kushinagar. It listed in to the list on June 26th2009.

Jiangxi Sanqing Mountain

The Sanqing Mountain shows a landscape of unique granite modeling and thrilling combination.It created a beautiful landscape and a natural marvellous.It named as ‘the most beautiful mountain of China’ by the magazine ‘the China national geographic’.And geologists from home and aboard all think it is the most beautiful granite on the western Pacific.It listed in to the World Heritage List on July 8th 2008.


Fujian Tulou

The Tulou was appeared at the end ofdynasty Song and became mature on Ming Qing and the Republic.It was named as ‘eastern castle’ ‘the miracle building’and ‘the uniquemodel’ because of its long histrory,various stypes,grand scale,ingenious structure and abundant connatation.It listed in to the World Heritage List on July 6th 2008.

Kaiping the towers and the ancient village

Kaiping is loocated at the southwest of Zhu river.Its number of tower has ever reach over 3000 and now keep 1833.It is very precious because of the elegant building and various style.It listed in to the World Heritage List on June 28th 2007 for special.


South China Karst

Karst that is karst landform. It is born in the land form of lomestone and dolomite.The karst of Chian is consist of Yunna Shilin,Guizhou Lizhi and Chongqing Wulong.It has the characteris of grang scale,various stypes and abundant biological.It listed in to the World Heritage List on June 27th 2007 .


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