The South is dear to me,

The scenes stay in my memory.

Over the waves the sun glows, redder than fire,

And the spring water flows, as blue as sapphire.

How can I not the South desire?

                            Bai Juyi (Tr. Zhao Yanchun)            



The South has always been connected with watery town, pristine village, beautiful scenery and every other thing that is praised in innumerable Chinese poetry. If you can ever visit one place in the South, Hangzhou will be the best choice. It is “the most the most distinguished and beautiful city in the world” in the eyes of Marco Polo.


If you are tired of the bustling modern life, Hangzhou is a place to enjoy the leisure and freedom you are longing for. If you want to take nice photos, Hangzhou won’t let you down. This picturesque city is full of beauty and fine views. The clear and soothing water in the West Lake makes everyone feel refreshed. Every summer, lots of lotuses blossom in this best known attraction of Hangzhou. Next to the lake is the Duanqiao Bridge where Bai Niangzi and Xu Xian fell in love at the first sight– one of the most romantic tales in China! Maybe you can have a romantic encounter with someone!

Just come to Hangzhou and find out more!



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