As the times progress, Chang Yu Wine is always advancing as well. It didn’t limitthe business within wine making but penetrate into other relative fields for further development. Recently, the first international city of wine in Asia- Chang Yu Wine Culture Museum has been open to public. The Museum not only provides the wine made by professional sommelier, but also lets the visitors experience the some production procedures like bottling and labeling.

The most popular and famous wines exhibited in the museum are Koyac Brandy, Riesling, red rose white wine and Vermouth. Besides, as the most precious treasure of the museum, there exhibits three buckets dating back to more than 100 years. On the second floor, there are three kinds of wine of master, accessible to purchase.

Also, the visitors can make their original souvenir wine by their own photos. The various kinds that you can choose from exceed 20 including brandy, wine, sparking wine. The price ranges from 48 to 100 RMB. So when you come to Yantai, how about dropping by Chang Yu Wine Culture Museum and having a cup of oriental wine? You will never forget the taste that contains more than 100 years’ history.


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