Changyu Wine Chateau was established in 1892. It has a history of more than 100 years so far. It is widely thought that Changyu is the founder’s name. But in fact, that’s not true. The founder was called Chang Bishi. The brand name Chang Yu is the founder’s family name added by a Chinese character “Yu”, which means rich and prosperity. Since then, Chang Yu Wine Company has been prospering and passed from generation to generation for more than 100 years. Its wine is popular in China even around the world until now.


Chang Bishi

Before Chang Bishi invested in wine business, he has already been a successful businessman. When he was in Southeast Asia, he accepted a Dutch friend’s invitation to attend a party held in French Consulate. There, he knew for the first time about the delicacy of French wine. And a French consul told him that during the period of the second Opium War, the Anglo-French Allied Force stationed in Yantai, the soldiers found a lot of wild grapes in the mountain, using these grapes, they made extraordinarily delicious wine, some French soldiers even thought about staying in Yantai and doing wine business, but because of the war, this dream didn’t come true whatever.

Chang Bishi kept those words deep in mind for more than two year. In 1892, Chang Yu was established with the help of the official. The chateau invited famous calligrapher Weng Tongsu, who served the emperor, to give the inscription. What’s more, in Empress Dowage Cixi’s 60th birthday, Chang Bishi paid a tribute of 300 thousand liang(50g) silver. And it was widely spread that he got met by the Mongolian emperor three times

However, even for such a famous and popular chateau, building and running a time-honored brand is not easy. At that time, only the businessmen who held important posts in the government would succeed in China. Chang Bishi, ordinary people, considered seeking fame and wealth in export market. He didn’t only spend a lot of money hiring foreign winemakers, but also carried out research on the quality of wine, the condition of storage and so on. As a result, wine made by Chang Yu is a hybrid with both Chinese and western blood. The taste of the wine is even more delicious than that made in the west, making it rank the first among the eight most famous wines in China.


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