Do you remember the “i-hangzhou”? Owing to it, Hangzhou became the first city offering free outdoor WiFi.


Now, more welfare is coming for Hangzhou citizens! On the third anniversary of West Lake successfully applying for the list of world heritage, West Lake scenic area and Huashu corporation together have launched free WiFi pilot projects in Yue Fei Temple, Beishan Road, Lingyincuiwei Garden and Children’s Park, handing down the traditional warm services of free cake and free tea.


The internet speed is cool? A reporter interviewed many citizens and received such replies as “The Internet speed is really fast.” A senior high school student interviewed was sitting in a bar and kept browsing webpages. She said, “In West Lake scenic area, you can freely use the Internet anywhere and its speed is much faster than that in some stores.”


From now on, when you are enjoying the beautiful scenery beside West Lake, if you open up WiFi in your cellphone, you will find “i-xihu” in WiFi networks. Once you finish the registration, then you can use it freely.


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