As we grow up gradually, our parents grow older at the same time. Now, it’s the time to fulfill your childhood promise. Is there any place that your parents have always been dreaming to visit? How about plan a trip for them? Here are the destinations they might like in Shandong.


  1. Mount Tai

Among the five famous mountains in China, Mount Tai is regarded as the first. The scenery of Mount Tai is known as grand and majestic. A lot of ancient scholars and poets came here and left beautiful lines and interesting anecdotes. Your parents will feel the profound cultural connotation of Shandong being in this magnificent mountain.


  1. The Three Memorial Edifices of Confucius in Qufu

Confucius advocated filial piety greatly. This place is the essence of Confucius’s thought with numerous architectures, objects and intangible cultural heritage. Your parents will feel satisfied to receive your respect and love in traditional Chinese form. The three memorial edifices include Confucius Family Mason, Confucius Temple and Cemetery of Confucius. Qufu is the representative city of Confucius culture and thought, which is worshiped as one of the three holy cities in the world (the other two being Mecca and Jerusalem.)


  1. Penglai Pavilion

For the aged, relaxation might be a good way to spend their holiday. In Penglai, where the Bohai sea and the Huanghai see join together and provide charming beach landscape, where the vision appears mysteriously like in the dream, where First Emperor of Qin search for elixir and from where spreads the eight immortals fairy tale, I’m sure your parents will forget the troubles in daily life and live happily like the immortals in the wonderland.


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