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On April 28, 2016, in Shandong, by Kate Liu

Impression of Penglai

Penglai is the place where the ancient Chinese legendary story, eight immortals crossing the sea, took place. This dreamlike city always had a thing with wonderland since long ago. Throughout history, the First Emperor of Qin had elixir of life sought in here, then the folktale of eight immortals crossing the sea have been passed down with generations. And Penglai is called the wonderland of Penglai as well, the image of Penglai perfectly fitted the imaginations of people towards dreamland.


Stepping in Penglai

Penglai is a part of the city Yantai, in Shandong province, located on the far north of Jiaodong peninsula. It is an ancient city surrounded with mountains and seas, and has its reputation as wonderland on earth for hundreds of years. The place bound with the most mystique in Penglai is the Penglai Pavilion, which nestled on the Mount Danya to the North of Penglai city. Penglai Pavilion, Yellow Crane Tower, Yueyang Tower and Prince Teng Pavilion are shared the joint name as Four Great Towers in China.The ancient architectural complexes of Penglai Pavilion consisted of six parts, themed with the legend of eight immortals crossing the sea. It shows the creativity of seas and mountains meanwhile combines the beauty of classic architecrures and artistic gardens.


Arrival and Departure

Penglai doesn’t have its local airport, the nearest airport is in Yantai. About 1 hour’s drive should suffice for the journey from Penglai to Yantai Airport. Also, there’s no railway station in Penglai. People prefer travelling by train should get to Yantai railway station first,and then transferred to a long-distance bus. Tourists come from coastal cities can take a ship to Penglai.


Best time for travelling

The best time for travelling in Penglai is from July to September. Penglai has no broiling summer or freezing winter, its annual average temperature is around 11.8 centigrade. Penglai has a moderate year-round climate, but the day-and-night temperature difference is relatively huge. Please bring some thick clothes to prevent yourself from catching a cold. What’s more, if you are a big fan of mirage, then the May of Penglai should be your best choice. Mirages are most frequently seen in May. Only that the sea temperature is rather low, you can barely swim.


Recommended stay:1 or 2 days


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