Tibet, a sacred land on the roof of the world, is a long-lasting legend awaiting people around the world to explore. Before you hit on the road to Tibet, you may have as many doubts as expectations. The following three reasons will convince you that it is worth your sweat to have a Mt. Everest Tour.

  1. Geographic Wonders With various landforms in Tibet, you will be amazed at these masterpieces of the creator. Along the lakeshore of Yamdrok, one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, you will not only enjoy a pure and peaceful lake view, but also have the chance to watch flocks of migration birds. At the foot of Karola Glacier, you can embrace this spectacular white world. If weather permits, the magnificent glacier will glisten under the bright sun. When heading to the Mt. Everest base camp, you are already above the altitude of 5200 meters. At the base camp, you will have the best view of pyramid-shape Mt. Everest, the stunning bright galaxy in the night and glacier valleys nearby.
  2. Mysterious Religion Tibet will never let you down in your pursuit of peace and purification. The Potala Palace, the most famous castle-style complex in Tibet, is a holy palace for every Tibet traveler. Here you can appreciate the magnificent architecture, religious wall paintings and Buddhist statues, or just pray with the Lama’s chanting of sutras. The Kumbum temple has the largest stupa in Tibet with a history dating tracing back to 1427. It is the landmark of Gyantse, and you can recognize its golden doom and white tower body in distance. Jakhang Temple, the oldest temple in Lhasa, is recognized as the religious center of Tibet. Surrounded by the smell of yak butter, you will be immersed in a spiritual experience of purification along with the other pilgrim in Tibet. Tashilhunpo Monastery, one of the four main monasteries, stretches out on the southern slope of the mountain in Shigatse. Here you can see the world’s largest glided Qamba Buddha bronze statue, refined religious murals and other precious cultural relics.
  3. Exotic Local Culture Except the sightseeing mentioned above, you should also not miss the experience of Tibetan culture. No choice is better than a free walk in a lively market for you to live like a local. The Barkhor Bazaar is the most famous marketplace in Lhasa. Here you can buy the local handcrafts, try Tibetan cuisines and have a nice talk with the friendly Tibetan people. Out of Lhasa, you can also explore the local culture in the vintage towns like Gyantse or Shigatse.

No matter whom you are, whether a traveler, a photographer, or a Buddhist, you can always find a proper place on this amazing land, Tibet. The stunning sceneries and the optimistic, devoted Tibetan people will not only free you from routine life but also give you ultimate spiritual satisfaction.


Jack Li

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