2016 is China –US Tourism Year, to promote friendship between Chinese and American people, China Youth newspaper, China CYTS Group and China CYTS Tourism Holding Co., ltd. jointly launched the China – US Tourism Year Culture Exchange Moments Awarded story collection campaign.

China Youth will set up special column to publicize good stories from January 19th to December 31st 2016.

A. Host Bodies

China Youth Publishing House, China CYTS Group, China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd.

 B. Requirement

1. Anyone interested in writing on culture exchanges between China and America may participate in this campaign.

2. Articles must be based on true story and reflect heart-felt sensations of culture element and friendship. Stories may focus on (but not limited to) the following aspects:

Witness: witnesses of small moments in China-America interaction, small events that reflect great meanings.

Observation: observation in the cultural differences and similarities of Chinese and American people.

Life style: observation and thinking of different life style of Chinese and American people.

Travel: stories of sensational moments during travel.

Dreams: dreams can change the world, write an article on how Chinese dream and American dream changed individuals and societies.

Articles are limited under 1000 words, please attach biography of author in 50 words.

3. Please submit article to chinausa@aoyou.com and specify: China – US Story Collection. Please also provide name, contact information, ID number, address and post code of author.

China Youth and CYTS aoyou.com also jointly set up public QQ account for authors for Q&A, account number: 348460764

4. Article collection period is open from January 12th to December 12st. Time of submission is according to the e-mail sending time.

5. Prizes include:

Organizers invite experts as judge team. Final awards will be given according to judge team nomination and online votes. CYTS aoyou.com will provide the following prizes

First Place: 1 award, 7-night-10-day independent travel package to US west coast (worth RMB10,000)

Second Place: 4 awards, Round trip air tickets Beijing – Los Angeles – Beijing (worth RMB8,000)

Third Place: 10 awards, 1 night stay in 5-star hotel in Los Angeles (worth RMB2,000)

Participation awards: RMB199 discount coupon of aoyou.com for any tour product to USA.

6. Other benefits

(1)Once published, authors enjoy China Youth right of paternity and remuneration.

(2)Organizers will edit corpus for all published articles and will present 5 pieces to each author, no further remuneration will be given to authors.

 (3)Selected authors will be invited to participate in seminar by organizers.

(4)All participant will enjoy priority in participation of tourism culture exchange activities organized by CYTS aoyou.com.

C. Statement

1. All articles must be original. Participants assume all responsibilities regarding copy right issues.

2. Copyright of all articles, from the moment of submission on forth, will be deemed as being fully transferred to organizers, i.e. China Youth (China Youth Online) and China CYTS Tours Holding Co., Ltd. (Aoyou.com). Organizers have right to edit, publish and distribute articles on their own platforms.

3. Organizers reserve rights of final interpretation of terms and conditions of this campaign.

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