Want a panorama of China? In this tour to Mt. Everest you will find out China has more than one amazing aspect.

A Traditional China You can learn about the history of China through the visit of Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Great Wall. In Yuyuan Garden you can appreciate the garden art and have a taste of scholars’ lives in ancient China.

A Modern China Through the Olympic heritage like Bird’s Nest Olympic stadium, Water Cube natatorium in Beijing or the Bund and Nanjing Road in Shanghai, you will have a vivid image about what a fast-developing China really looks like.

A Legendary China Tibetan culture, a culture full of legends, is quite different from the one of eastern coastal China. If you are fascinated about the mysterious religion atmosphere in Tibet, you cannot miss Jokhang Temple, Potala Palace and Tashilunpo Monastery. Each of them has an important status in religious history of Tibet. Tibet also possesses magnificent natural sceneries. The tranquil and limpid Yamdork Lake will make you feel peaceful and at ease.

On the contrary, the breath-taking beauty of Mt. Everest will give you a strong sense of achievement. The trip to the Mt. Everest base camp is the climax part of this tour. Along the way to the base camp, you are companied with the sceneries of snow-mountains and glacier valleys. When you arrive at the base camp with the altitude above 5200, you will enjoy a view less people have seen: the pyramid-shape Mt. Everest covered with white snow, beautiful sunset of Everest, the brightest ever galaxy you never seen and etc. Such unforgettable experience is worth your try.


Jack Li

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