When is the best time to Heilongjiang? Now!

On January 4, 2016, in Tips & Ideas, by Jack Li

Speaking of Heilongjiang as a whole, the best time to travel is November- February in the winter. There are many tourist cities in Heilongjiang province. Different cities and regions have their own unique tourist attraction in different time. Among them, Harbin, Mudanjiang River and The Greater Khinggan Mountains are the most representative resorts.

Harbin- the snow country

Different from Yangtze River Delta, Harbin is a world of ice and snow. Everywhere is a silver-coated scene. Combined with ice lanterns with local characteristics, rime, snow and ice entertainment activities, visitors can fully feel the infinite happiness in the world.


Mudanjiang River

In winter, snow flashes unceasingly here. The scenery of ice and snow is exceptionally enchanting and the amount of snow is large. Influenced by geographical environment, the temperature here is warmer than elsewhere in the northeast. Therefore, Mudanjiang River is very suitable for travel in winter.

The Greater Khingan Mountains

Now the most beautiful is that the sky is snowing. The local average temperature in The Greater Khingan Mountains in November can commonly reach below 40 ℃ or so. Although the temperature here is not as cold as it seems since the trees shelter the visitors from the wind. But if you come here in winter, you still need to keep warm and to prevent frostbite. To some extent, traffic in The Greater Khinggan Mountains in winter will be affected. Visitors should do some preparation for the traffic problems.

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