Let us row the oars!

On January 20, 2016, in Beijing, by Jack Li

“Let us once more sculls again, small ship pushed waves…” the familiar song described Beihai Park in Beijing. Beihai Park is located in the northwest of the Imperial Palace. BeihaiPark was once a royal garden. Walking along the lake, visitors can see willows bowing in shines. It looks like a beautiful picture when people stand in the garden, viewing it from any angle.
Beijing is a metropolis with long history, with thousands of years of accumulated charm hidden in the defective red walls, in the dark alleys, and in every enthusiastic Beijinger. Visitors often come to experience the old Beijing culture in Beihai Park. In the morning there will be an old man doing exercises and spending time on birds watching; in the afternoon is the best time boating. Come to the Beihai park, you can not only watch the fine building construction; but also can sit by the lake and chat with the old man around. Moreover you can join in the crowd that kicking shuttlecock and shaking diabolo. Perhaps, this is the best way into the old Beijing life.

Beihai Park is divided into four scenic area that are North shore scenic area, East shore scenic area, QiongDao scenic area and TuanCheng scenic area. North shore area is located in the northwest corner of park, is mainly well-known for the “Nine Dragon Screen”. China has three pieces of the nine dragon screen; the most characteristic among the three is in the Beihai Park. The one here is unique in having dragons on both sides. Decorated with nine dragons playing both sides of the wall, Nine Dragon Screen is nearly 26 meters long, 6.65 meters high. Dragons spiraling up the clouds seem to fly up with the head high. It is the high-quality goods of colored glaze construction in our country with vivid modeling and superb technology, so people were just to see it from all over the world! White tower, located in the top of QiongDao, is a typical Tibetan Buddhism tower of 36 meters high. It stands at the peak of QiongDao, towering spectacular, and is the symbol of Beihai Park. Located at the southern end, Chengguang hall is the major building in TuanCheng. You cannot miss the jade Buddha of 1.5 meters large with perfect gems, sparkling here.

Jack Li

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