Chengdu is the best choice of your trip if you want to see a panda in China, . The giant panda has been on earth for at least 8 million years, known as a “living fossil” and “national treasure” in China. And it was chosen to be the image ambassador of the World Wide Fund for Nature with a round face and big black rim of the eye, chubby body. It is one of the loveliest animals in the world.


Since the giant panda is extremely valuable in the world natural heritage, its survival and protection has important academic value. There are many Giant Panda Protection and Research Centers in Sichuan Province. Among them, Chengdu Research Base of Giant panda Breeding is the most popular one with more than 80 pandas, black-necked cranes, white crane and other rare animals all the year round.


If you go to see the panda in Chengdu, here are some tips for you:

  1. The best time to see the panda is before half past nine in the morning, especially in hot summer. Once close to noon, the pandas will hide in the cool room fast asleep.
  2. Please do not talk loudly and do not make sharp sound when you see the giant panda.
  3. Please don’t use flash light when you taking photos. Their eye is very sensitive to flash light, especially the panda cub.
  4. Please don’t feed the panda. The food you choose maybe not suitable for them. Moreover, the breeder feed panda every day.

Hopefully, you will have a wonderful journey in Chengdu with panda!

Jack Li

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