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On January 21, 2016, in Beijing, Tours, Travel Info, by Jack Li

The Great Wall is a wonder of the world. There is a famous saying, “He who doesn’t reach the Great Wall is not a true man.” Now, you can join in our new activity——Win a Free Chance to visit the Jinshanling Great Wall!

Winners of this activity can appreciate the local art performances including the Drum Dance and Taichi Shadowboxing! We shall be charge of one-day Jinshanling Great Wall travel experience for free. Round-trip bus from Beijing city proper, tickets, lunch and English-speaking tour guide is provided.

The Great Wall at Jinshanling, around two-hour drive to Beijing city proper, is one of the best preserved sections of the Great Wall. It is typical in structure and is famous for its elegant architecture, dense guard tower, broad field of vision and unique landscape and is regarded as the best place to take photos of the Great Wall. As a construction marvel of human civilization, the Great Wall to the American people has a very broad appeal.


In 2016, we actively participate in a series of activities in the “China-US Tourism Year” hosted by the National Tourism Administration. In the activity of “Thousands of American Tourists Visit the Great Wall” on March 25 in Jinshanling Great Wall, we will provide 100 free places for American tourists to visit The Great Wall.

Jinshanling Great Wall is the perfect choice for tourists to visit the Great Wall with its charming scenery and finely preservation. This activity can provide you with an impressive experience on the Great Wall. Visitors not only can feel the grandeur of the Great Wall far away from the city noise, but also can feel the charm of the Chinese traditional culture along the way.

Sign up some necessary information before March 18, 2016. Then you will get a chance to win the free tour of the Jinshanling Great Wall. Winners will be announced before March 21, 2016 by e-mail. We hope to see the wonder of the Great Wall with you in China!


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