Hangzhou—The heaven on earth

On January 13, 2016, in China Travel Gossip, Hangzhou, by Jack Li

To speak of Hangzhou, people are likely to mention the old saying:”Up above there is Paradise, down here there are Suzhou and Hangzhou.” And the representation of the beauty of Hangzhou definitely is the picturesque West Lake.



The view of the West Lake is magnificent. Surrounded by mountains, and with a perimeter of 15 kilometers, the West Lake boasts the world-renowned Ten Sceneries. “Ten Scenes of West Lake” emerged in the Nansong (the Southern Song) Dynasty, is the most complete landscape series in the early stage of China.


Visitors can watch almost all the four seasons around the west lake. Broken Bridge remaining snow is the famous scene of West- Lake in winter. Except for that, there is Osmanthus Festival in September or October, lotus bloom in July or August, and tulip blossom in March and April. In spring, strolling along the boulevard, you can feel as if the West Lake were wakening in dawn mist. Young willows were ethereal, spring breeze so caressing, and birds were chirping in unison. That’s why people call West Lake a dazzling pearl.


The water and the sky merge in one color here; nature and human interlace with each other here. Instead of visiting every scenic spots deliberately, try to just spend half or one day walking by the lake leisurely.

Jack Li

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