Go to the Snow Mountains in the coldest time!

On January 6, 2016, in Yunnan, by Jack Li

Lijiang is located in the Northwest of Yunnan province with a history of almost a thousand years. The annual sunshine hr. is 2530 hours in Lijiang, as the peak area of Yunnan province. The light is enough here, but it has a stronger solar radiation. Many people say that the most worthless thing in Lijiang is sunshine. But visitors here can see the Snow Mountains all over the year.

Surrounding the Lijiang, there are two famous snow mountains- The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Meri Snow Mountain.



The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain


An hour’s drive from Lijiang is Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. With main peak elevation of 5596, The Jade Dragon Mountain lies not only in the beauty of the majestic great momentums, and magnificent, with four of the replacement, and cloudy skies changes show amorous feelings, all stance. Under the blue sky, snow-topped mountain peaks, from north to south and arranged in 13 peaks, like a jade dragon dancing. So it was named Jade Dragon Mountain.


Meri Snow Mountain

Meri Snow Mountain is the first of eight big mountains in Tibetan Buddhism, also known as the prince of Snow Mountains. There are thirteen peaks with an average elevation over 6000 meters. The main peak kawageb reaches up to 6740 meters above sea level, is the first peak in Yunnan. Visitor can see the rare “Snow Mountains of sunrise” landscape in the early morning. The sun rays over obstacles suddenly shine on top of the snowy mountains, then gradually expand, form a beautiful wonders, last 20 minutes or so, finally snow mountain turns white wholly and aureate impression fade out.

Jack Li

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