Away from the pressure of work, let’s indulge ourselves in the enjoyment of nature, the azure sky, sea, sunshine, trees 2and every little pleasant surprise on the trip to Sanya.

The winter of Beijing is very cold while that of Sanya is hot. Known as” Oriental Hawaii”, Sanya has a pleasant climate, winter without cold and the annual average temperature of 11.8 degrees C. Besides, the air quality and environment are very good, too. In Sanya, you can get away from the smoggy days and the cold weather!

As a domestic famous tourist resort, Sanya not only has beautiful beaches and unique islands, but also the water entertainment facilities have to experience.

Wuzhizhou Island, also known as “Lover Island”, surrounded by the sea in 6 ~ 27 meters visibility, has numerous colorful tropical fish and coral reefs in the charming. It is the “best diving base” in sanya and even in the whole country.


Yalong Bay, located in the southeast of Sanya, has the crystal clear seawater. The temperature of the bay water is over 23 ℃ all the year round. If lying on the beach is your thing, then rest along Yalong Bay’s lengthy coastline is the best choice.


Sanya Bay is near the Sanya city with 20 kilometers of coconut trees. It wins in the geographical position that closes to the downtown and the airport. In here, you could find several children running about on the sands, friends playing beach volleyball and couples walking on the beach at sunset.

If you like to relax by soaking up the sand, sun, and sea, then Sanya—with its famous beaches and fine weather— is the place for you. We’re off for sun, sand, and shells. Welcome to join us!

Jack Li

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